7 Bathroom Storage Solutions

There is more to designing a luxurious dream bathroom than choosing the right suite and deciding what kind of tiles you would like. Lighting, plumbing and all the other fixtures and fittings are fundamental to the finished look and feel of the room. Finding the right balance between function & style can be tricky. It is worth enlisting a specialist interiors company like Increation, who see the project through from start to finish and will be able to understand what and need and then realise it for you. One part of the design process, which is often over looked, is storage.


Open shelving – It is surprising how much stuff needs to be stored in a bathroom. Toiletries, towels and cleaning products all need a home. Open shelves look great and can give your bathroom a comforting feel and if you are lucky enough to have a big bathroom, can divide up the space.

Glass shelves in the window – Colourful bottles of soap, lotion and perfume can look beautiful when they are back lit by a window. The glass will also allow light to stream through without darkening the interior. The bottles will add a level of privacy as well as being on display.

Recessed shelves – If you prefer clean lines, setting small shelves or alcoves back in the wall could work well for you. Subtle lighting within the recess will give the room a luxurious fell when the main lighting is turned down or, better still, off.

Drawers – Beneath the basin there is often a large amount of negative space that can be utilised. Fitting units that have drawers is an excellent way to maximising your storage space without compromising on design. Essential grooming items will also be close at hand.

Cupboards – Building in cupboard space to your plan is a good idea. Having somewhere to store towels, loo roll, and other bathroom kit so that it doesn’t clutter up the floor or shelving space will help it look more organised and tidy.

Towel rails – Heated towel rails come in all shapes and sizes, and are practical, functional and fashionable all at the same time. Towels take up an enormous amount of space, so having an allotted area for them in the bathroom is worth putting some thought into.

Behind mirrors – Hidden storage is the trump card when it comes to bathroom design, and there is no better place to hide it than behind a mirror. As well as giving light and depth to a room, mirrors also provide an opportunity to conceal a cabinet which only those in the know will find.

Getting all of the decisions right in the planning stages of your ultimate bathroom takes a lot of thought and consideration, but should pay off once you stand back and admire the results.