A Guide to Musical Vienna

If Paris is he city of love, Vienna is definitely the city of music. Over the centuries, the city has produced some of the best music and has been home to some of the best performers in the world. This is a tradition that continues today. Regardless of your musical tastes, Vienna has something to offer.  Read on and find out more about what Vienna offers music lovers.


Opera for all tastes

Songs sang against elaborate backdrops of clouds and trees were popular at Roman celebrations and weddings as far back as the 1500s. This is the earliest record of performances, which historians identify as opera. That is the reason the Italians are often credited with being the creators of the opera genre.

In reality, the history of opera is more complex than that. One of the main reasons opera became so popular was that it was effectively a play that was sung. People became caught up in the story as well as the performance, the music and the songs. The performances the Romans enjoyed were not like this. They were just a series of songs sung against dramatic theatrical backdrops.

In reality, the Viennese really created modern opera. In 1762, the first opera that told a story was performed in Vienna.

Today, Vienna has three fantastic opera venues. All three venues have perfect acoustics and offer great views of all of the action. Whether you are an opera lover or not you really should experience opera in Vienna at least once in your life. There really is nothing quite like it.

 Vienna’s live music scene

Even if opera is not your thing Vienna still has plenty to offer. It does not matter what type of music you like Vienna has something for you. Barely a night goes by without a concert or live performance of some kind. Those who love classical music are spoilt for choice, with the Vienna Philharmonic performing most nights.  There are also choral performances in many of the city’s churches, which both visitors and residents can enjoy.

Vienna festivals

 Vienna’s unique ball season

Every year, Vienna is transformed during ball season. Being there during the ball season is a unique experience. The thousands of ball attendees dressed in beautiful dresses and eveningwear look stunning and take you back in time.

You will be able to enjoy the unique ambience even if you do not end up going to a ball yourself. The best way to do this is to sit down with a drink near the venue and enjoy the view. There are also many public performances of waltz music and plenty of street performers throng the streets at this time of the year.

 Fantastic festivals and parties

Each year, Vienna hosts an eclectic mix of festivals and parties. The Film Festival (Viennale) is always popular and attracts thousands of extra visitors to the city every year. Nearly 3 million people attend the open air Donauinselfest every year. Music artists from across the world play this popular island venue every year.

Aside, from music Vienna offers fantastic architecture, beautiful parks, wonderful museums and art galleries. The food and drink is wonderful and the city has a fantastic coffee culture.