A guide to the best comic conventions coming up in the UK in 2013

With 2012 soon drawing to a close, the number of comic conventions left on the calendar is also slowing down. Don’t worry however, as there are already plenty of events all over the country slowly filling 2013. These are a few of the events that have already been announced and what you can expect to see.

London Super Comic Convention – February 23-24

The 2012 event welcomed comic legend Stan Lee through its doors, co-creator of Spiderman and the X-Men, the Hulk and more. Will the 2013 event manage to attract someone of the same calibre? Among the line-up so far is Neal Adams, a man who has not only been instrumental in modernising characters such as Superman and Batman, but who has worked tirelessly for creator’s rights.

"London super comic convention logo"

Cardiff Comic and Animation Expo – March 2-3

A week later the comic convention spotlight moves from the English capital to the Welsh one. This expo is fairly new, and perhaps not big enough to attract as many of the biggest names in the comic industry, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of fun to be had. As the home of Doctor Who and Torchwood, the Cardiff Comic and Animation Expo is a particular favourite of Dalek and sci-fi lovers.

"Cardiff comic and animation expo"
Bristol Comics Expo – May 11-12

The Bristol Comics Expo has been busy signing many top artists in the industry to its event. Rob Williams, David Roach and David Hine, who have worked with leading companies such as Marvel Comics, DC Comics and 2000AD are all confirmed so far. Having run since 2004 (and before then under different names), the Bristol Comics Expo claims to be the country’s largest, so you can expect plenty to see and do.

"Bristol Comics Expo 2013"

Melksham Comic Convention – August 31

For such a small town, the Melksham Comic Convention has proved a big hit with locals and visitor alike. Whether you just want some signed merchandise or a chance to ask a question in open Q&As, the smaller price tag attached to this event makes it a steal.

"Melksham Comic Convention"
Why not stick around?

Each of these cities can offer much more than the comic conventions they’re hosting. You can go on a Dr. Who tour in Cardiff, visit the massive number of comic book stores in London or perhaps do something entirely different and take a day trip to Bath from Melksham. In fact, if you’re making a trip from out of town you can find plenty of hotels near each venue so you can enjoy the full weekend.