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Army of robots in the making


These days we can see how some inventions can really change the way we live. Some new technology such as drones change the way we conduct the wars. A number of organisations across the world work every day on improving the weaponry equipment. One of the agencies DARPA (The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is a part of the US Department of Defense responsible for the development of new technologies for use by the military. One of their latest inventions are robots designed to help the troops on the ground, including a mule robot that can carry heavy equipment as well as a robot resembling a human. Watch all 3 videos below.  I must admit that watching them made me think about consequences of this kind of technology. Can you imagine an army of Terminators fighting the wars instead of humans???!!!

DARPA robot army

Fastest robot

Robot navigating obstacles

Dangerous & beautiful holiday destinations

Everyone has a list of countries they would rather not visit due to the things they have overheard in the media or because of the fear of a particular place originated purely from our ignorance. Some people fear going abroad in general and make sure they have the full package travel insurance in place before going on holiday to a safe destination such as Spain or France. Of course, there are countries with internal conflicts that should be avoided such as Iraq and Syria despite its historical sites. But there are places, where the conflict is long gone and there is no reason not to explore its natural beauty. Here are some of the countries with stunning landscapes we don’t have to be afraid of.


Albany is quite commonly portrayed as a country, where you can easily lose your possessions, and even lives. In fact, the Albanian people are very friendly. Thefts can happen, particularly in the north of the country, but by maintaining a minimum of precautions you can avoid being robbed. The tourist infrastructure of Albania is getting better with every year. Albania is fascinating and full of contrasts. You can find there beautiful beaches and wild mountains as well as ancient monuments and a taste of the Orient. The only thing you should really fear in Albany is holes in the roads and cars at night driving without signal lights.



Cambodia is a country, which suffered a lot of misfortunes across the years, including American bombings, the Khmer Rouge terror and natural disasters. Today, however, it is a safe place for tourists and travelling in Cambodia can be very convenient. Roads between major cities are better, the buses are better quality, the tourist destinations have been cleared from mines, and where the mines still remains there are warning markings. The people of Cambodia are very friendly, even though they live in poor and in difficult conditions and tourists should remain sensitive to their unprivileged situation.



Africa is considered to be a dangerous continent, where people should not go unless with organized trips accompanied by gunned men. Meanwhile, tourists who traveled through Namibia highly praise this country and that they’ve been struck by the surprisingly peaceful general governance. In Namibia you can experience an exciting safari and see the highest dunes in the world. If you don’t wonder around by yourself at night you should be fine. All you need to worry about are the appropriate vaccinations before leaving and on-site drinking of only bottled water.


Bosnia and Herzegovina

War in the Balkans ended many years ago, but even now this region causes travelers’ concerns. Loads of tourists come to Croatia every year, some travel through Bosnia and Herzegovina to reach their Croatian destination but sadly never decide to explore this fascinating country. There are many destroyed and abandoned houses in the country and there are a few mines scattered across the country but those are well marked and warn people not to come close. Bosnia and Herzegovina has loads of beauty to offer, including wild mountains, great ski areas, rafting emerald rivers, and cities with oriental atmosphere. Also, finding accommodation in a hotel or guest house is not a problem and the standard of those places is pretty good.

Bosnia and Herzegovina


It is widely accepted that the Arab countries in this uneasy time of the Arab uprisings in some of the countries in North Africa and the Middle East can be less safe than they were a few years ago. These days tourists come to Tunisia mainly for the vast sandy beaches but mostly stay at the hotel the whole time. It is not dangerous to leave the hotel unless there is a gathering or demonstration. Going anywhere near Libya is also not advised but generally it is a peaceful country compared to Egypt or Israel for example.


Fashion Designer Eva Minge – Polish National Treasure

Do you remember the stunning dress Cheryl Cole wore at the Jubilee concert last year? I think everyone were talking about how good and classy Cheryl looked. I want to reveal the brilliant designer of this dress – Eva Minge.


Eva Minge is a Polish designer, who is known already across the world. You can see her shows at the Fashion Week Haute Couture in Paris or the Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show in New York. Her designs were ordered by a number of stars, including Rihanna. Eva is a brilliant international designer but unfortunately she has not been so popular in her home country Poland because she refuses to share the red carpet with the Polish wannabes and attend those ridiculous parties with photo opportunities. She is far too busy working on her international projects, including opening her first boutique outside Poland in Italy. I salute you Eva M. and I have no doubt you’ll be more successful each year.

Below you can see some of her latest designs. My personal favorites are her Spring/Summer collections so I will definitely cover her next 2013 pieces as soon as they’re out.

Eva Minge











Some examples of Eva Minge’s WINTER COLLECTION 2012

Eva 3

Eva Minge 1

Eva Minge 2

Eva 7

Eva 6

Eva 5


Stunning new Google offices in Tel Aviv

The incredible design of the new Google offices in Israel is a work of German architects from Camenzind Evolution. Personally, I think it is a winner if it comes to Google offices. Normally, the Google offices remind me of a kids playground whereas Israeli Google nicely captures the feel and landscapes of Israel. We need to wait and see if the planned new offices of Google headquarters in London will also offer a similar level of design. Let me know if you can think of any office space that can beat this.























Eroded stools & cork furniture

I wanted to show you another great design from I M Lab architects as well as some examples of how designers are using cork these days to create some funky furniture.

The eroded cork stool were designed for a wine tasting room in the north east of Italy. The stools have been excavated from a solid volume of cork at the local manufacturer in Italy. The design nicely fits with the idea of pouring wine with its curve all the way through the stool.

Italian vineyard, I M Lab, London architects




Other cork furniture:

cork furniture - stools - chair



cork chairs

cork stools


Seaside villa in Turkey

a (29)

I would like to show you some of the designs of one of my favourite architecture studios in London, I M Lab. The first project I would like you to see is a holiday villa in Turkey. This seaside property maintain a cool and breezy atmosphere. The main open plan living spaces are divided into intimate spaces using oversized teak roots, sheer light fabrics and laser cut metal screens maintaining a visual permeability between the spaces and out towards the sea.  Motifs and colours from traditional Turkish tiles have been used as inspiration in various pieces. Just as the living spaces are light and open the private bedroom space has a warmer feel with each room having a distinct character.

I absolutely love this villa, especially the wooden features present in every room. Let me know what you think. More designs from I M Lab coming soon.









a (20)

a (25)




See more projects from I M Lab on their website http://www.imlab.co.uk/ and follow them on Facebook here.

Top 3 Bookshops in Europe

I’ve always been and I always will be a fan of old school reading. Despite being fascinated with the new designs and technology and how it has been changing the way we live in the past few years, there is one thing I will always do the old way…read a book. Keep real books in business and leave the kindle at home this holiday!


1. The Bookàbar Bookshop, Rome

Attached to the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, this book shop symbolizes modern design at its finest in a store full of art books.  The minimalistic design and the shop itself is a work of art with spacious white walls and shelves, curved ceilings with modern lighting in three different rooms.

2. Shakespeare & Company, Paris

For those bookworms more impressed by the beauty of books than the architecture of the shop, then this bookstore in Paris requires a visit. It is a haven for literature lovers, containing an extensive selection of second-hand books and undiscovered literary treasures. The original shop even took in poor aspiring writers, giving them a bed and food as long as they read a book a day!

Shakespeare & Company. bookstore

3. Another Country, Berlin

This English language, second-hand bookshop is more of a library than a shop, offering twenty thousand books available to buy or borrow.  It gives customers freedom to experiment with new literature without paying an arm and leg! Should you choose to return a book after buying it you get a refund minus a 1, 50 Euro charge, genius! This bookshop holds regular events such as English film club, TV night and dinner night as well as hosting various concerts, readings and performances. It draws in readers from all corners of Berlin being an important social venue for different social circles to mix and share their literature love!

These bookshops are definitely worth a visit for all of those geeks out there visiting Europe. If you’re looking for a relaxing place to stay and enjoy getting stuck in to some of your new books, Go with Oh offer accommodation all over Europe  with many different apartment options to satisfy your preferences.

7 Bathroom Storage Solutions

There is more to designing a luxurious dream bathroom than choosing the right suite and deciding what kind of tiles you would like. Lighting, plumbing and all the other fixtures and fittings are fundamental to the finished look and feel of the room. Finding the right balance between function & style can be tricky. It is worth enlisting a specialist interiors company like Increation, who see the project through from start to finish and will be able to understand what and need and then realise it for you. One part of the design process, which is often over looked, is storage.


Open shelving – It is surprising how much stuff needs to be stored in a bathroom. Toiletries, towels and cleaning products all need a home. Open shelves look great and can give your bathroom a comforting feel and if you are lucky enough to have a big bathroom, can divide up the space.

Glass shelves in the window – Colourful bottles of soap, lotion and perfume can look beautiful when they are back lit by a window. The glass will also allow light to stream through without darkening the interior. The bottles will add a level of privacy as well as being on display.

Recessed shelves – If you prefer clean lines, setting small shelves or alcoves back in the wall could work well for you. Subtle lighting within the recess will give the room a luxurious fell when the main lighting is turned down or, better still, off.

Drawers – Beneath the basin there is often a large amount of negative space that can be utilised. Fitting units that have drawers is an excellent way to maximising your storage space without compromising on design. Essential grooming items will also be close at hand.

Cupboards – Building in cupboard space to your plan is a good idea. Having somewhere to store towels, loo roll, and other bathroom kit so that it doesn’t clutter up the floor or shelving space will help it look more organised and tidy.

Towel rails – Heated towel rails come in all shapes and sizes, and are practical, functional and fashionable all at the same time. Towels take up an enormous amount of space, so having an allotted area for them in the bathroom is worth putting some thought into.

Behind mirrors – Hidden storage is the trump card when it comes to bathroom design, and there is no better place to hide it than behind a mirror. As well as giving light and depth to a room, mirrors also provide an opportunity to conceal a cabinet which only those in the know will find.

Getting all of the decisions right in the planning stages of your ultimate bathroom takes a lot of thought and consideration, but should pay off once you stand back and admire the results.


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