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Statement necklaces – back in the game

Here are some amazing necklaces in different shapes and colours. In next post I will present my personal collection.

"statement necklace"


Some of statement necklaces I like currently available in the stores:

"ZARA necklaces"

ZARA £29.99

"Dorothy Perkins necklace"

Dorothy Perskins £15

"J Crew necklace"

J Crew £139.65

"J Crew bubble necklaces"

J Crew £126.95

"ASOS marketplace necklace"

ASOS marketplace £25

"asos necklace"

ASOS marketplace £42

"Nordstrom necklace"

Nordstrom £16.28

"turquoise statement necklace"

Nordstrom £66.48

"New Look, statement necklace"

New Look £7.99

Some lovely statement necklaces I found on Pinterest (wish I knew where can I get them from!)

"statement blue necklace"

"statement gold necklace"

"statement red necklace"

"statement color necklace"

"statement necklace"

"statement necklace"

"statement necklace"

"statement necklace"


The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. And the unexpected three movies!

"Gandalf, The Hobbit"

Pic source: The Hobbit Facebook profile

Sir Ian McKellen, Orlando Bloom, Elijah Wood, Hugo Weaving and Andy Serkis are among those who will be reprising their Lord of the Rings roles – with new cast members including Luke Evans , James Nesbitt, Benedict Cumberbatch and Billy Connolly.

"the dwarfs, Hobbit"

Pic source: The Hobbit Facebook profile

The biggest surprise for me is that Peter Jackson decided to make three movies out of that tiny book! As a crazy LOTR fan I should be over the moon, however I’m worried that in a result each part will become dull, unless Jackson has added some extra scenes to the original script. The trilogy is scheduled as follow:

1. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, will be released December 14, 2012

2.  The Hobbit: There and Back AgainDecember 13, 2013

3.  The Hobbit Part 3,  summer 2014

The newest long trailer:


Berry King cake

Delicious cake, which is not only looking good but also tastes like heaven! Doesn’t involve loads of work.

"Berry King cake"


3 boxes of mascarpone cheese 250 g

3 sponge cake bases

3 boxes of fresh raspberries

3 egg yolks

500 ml of whipped cream

150 g of powdered sugar

"cake ingredients"

Strawberry sauce:

0.5 kg of frozen strawberries

2 spoons of sugar

1,5 glass of white wine (semi sweet)

To a saucepan we put frozen strawberries (I added frozen raspberries and some fresh strawberries as I couldn’t find frozen strawberries anywhere…) with two spoons of sugar. We cook it for around 2 minutes constantly stirring. Next, we add white wine and leave on low heat for 15 minutes.

"cooking berries with wine"

"cooking berries with wine"

We should end up with a strawberry mousse.

"cooked berries with white wine"

Next, we whip the cream.


"whipped cream"

In a large bowl we grind the egg yolks with powdered sugar to a smooth mass.

"mixing eggs and powdered sugar"

"mixed eggs and powdered sugar"

Stirring constantly, we add the mascarpone cheese. In the end, we should get a smooth, white mass.

"mixing mascarpone cheese"

"mixing mascarpone cheese"

Then we add the whipped cream into the mascarpone cheese mass and stir it in gently.

"mixing mascarpone cheese with whipped cream"

We place the first sponge base on the cake stand. We soak it with the strawberry mousse.

"spreading the berries sos"

Then, we put the mascarpone and whipped cream mass on the top and we cover it with another cake sponge. We repeat it until we use all three sponge cake bases.

"layers of sponge base"

Finally, we carefully cover the whole cake with the remaining of the white paste.

"covering the cake with the white mascarpone and whipped cream mix"

To make the cake look beautiful, we garnish it with fresh raspberries. Bon appetit!

"Berry King cake"

"Berry King cake"

"Berry King cake"

Buying the right Candelabra

I’ve been on a journey to buy the perfect candle holders or candelabra for a while now. Couple of months ago I bought two beautiful glass candle holders from ZARA Home and I was really disappointed with my purchase. On my first attempt to put a candle in I broke a part of the glass holder and made a hole through the whole thing! Same with the second piece. I guess those glass handle holders are not meant to hold candles?? (NOTE to Agata: never ever buy a glass candle holder).

ZARA Home is not all bad though, I do love the custom shaped candles they have on offer. I’ve got a Victoria Candle and it is so beautiful I don’t want to burn it!

"Victoria candle, zara"

On sale now at ZARA Home £4.99

I’ve decided to concentrate my search on candelabras and done some research on what it is on offer. Here are some of my favourites:

"glass candelabra"ZARA Home £19.99 WARNING GLASS!

"three arm candelabra"

ZARA Home £19.99

"three arm glass candelabra"


"ikea candelabra"

IKEA £26

"candle holder habitat"

Habitat £35

"candle holders"

Heals £22

"candelabra Heals"

Heals £325 (Holly Sh**!)

"candelabra Heals"

Heals £42.50

"candelabra modern"

Heals £45

"candelabra dwell"

Dwell £69

"yellow candelabra"

Dwell £89

"multiple candle holder"

Dwell £99


NEXT £25

"wedding candelabra"

WeddingMall £34.99

In the end I’ve decided to get two candelabras from Heals, put them together and made them look like a candelabra on steroids :), which I can play around a little to create different shapes:



Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans is a hallmark of the summer and autumn season this year. Who would thought that a baggy and scruffy jeans can actually be sexy!? I must admit I was skeptical at the beginning but after trying them on for the first time I felt in love straight away. Not only are they very comfortable (even if your bum size is above average) but they look cool and ridiculously sexy with the heels on (personal opinion – might be that men have a different opinion as they usually prefer TIGHT fit!).

I’ve bought boyfriend jeans from ZARA for a bargain price of 29 GBP. Below I also included some other boyfriend jeans I found at GAP and ASOS. Let me know if you come accross other brands that do boyfriend fit jeans.

"boyfriend jeans & heels"

"Boyfriend jeans logo"

"boyfriend jeans"

"boyfriend jeans ZARA"

"boyfriend jeans Zara"

pic by ZARA

"boyfriend jeans ASOS"

Pic by ASOS

"Sexy boyfriend jeans from GAP"

Pic by GAP

For the love of leggings. Long live spandex!

Not sure when leggings were brought back to the mainstream fashion but they’ve been my favourites since I remember. I recall a photo when I was 7 wearing a spandex bright pink leggings (I will post the photo as soon as I visit my parents and scan it!).   My favourite brand until recently was American Apparel but I’ve become more adventurous recently and discovered quite a few websites and brands offering some cool and colourful leggings.  Lately, I’ve ordered some geeky tetris leggings by Aussie brand BlackMilk! I absolutely love them! I think the design and attention to details make the BlackMilk leggings stand out from the crowd. Judge yourself..

Retro Gamer Leggings

"Retro gamer leggings"

"BlackMilk leggings"

Other awesome pieces by Black Milk


"comic leggings"

 Photos source: BlackMilk


So how does the Batman Dark Knight Rises finish? SPOILERS

I’ve been waiting for that movie since the Dark Knight and unforgettable Heath Ledger. I knew that Nolan and his team and specially his brother, who wrote the script, have a big shoes to fill in. I always had faith in Nolan even when he cast Ann Hathaway as a Cat Woman! Last Wednesday there was a European Premiere of Batman the Dark Knight Rises in London, at the famous Odeon cinema in Leicester Square. I work near by so I went to get the feel of the excitement. I was not disappointed with the buzz around the movie, the more committed fans were wearing Batman and Bane outfits and were waiting for the cast to sign their DVDs probably since early morning. I got a glimpse of all the main stars, including Tom Hardy, Morgan Freeman, Christopher Nolan and the Batman himself, Christian Bale accompanied by his wife Sibi.

"Batman The Dark Knight Rises European Premiere, London"

"Joseph Gordon-Levitt Batman The Dark Knight Rises European Premiere, London"

"Batman The Dark Knight Rises European Premiere, London"

"Tom Hardy Batman London Premiere"

"Ann Hathaway Batman London Premiere"

"Christopher Nolan Batman London Premiere"

"Christian Bale Batman London Premiere"

"Christian Bale Batman London Premiere"

"Christian Bale signing autographs Batman London Premiere"



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