Berry King cake

Delicious cake, which is not only looking good but also tastes like heaven! Doesn’t involve loads of work.

"Berry King cake"


3 boxes of mascarpone cheese 250 g

3 sponge cake bases

3 boxes of fresh raspberries

3 egg yolks

500 ml of whipped cream

150 g of powdered sugar

"cake ingredients"

Strawberry sauce:

0.5 kg of frozen strawberries

2 spoons of sugar

1,5 glass of white wine (semi sweet)

To a saucepan we put frozen strawberries (I added frozen raspberries and some fresh strawberries as I couldn’t find frozen strawberries anywhere…) with two spoons of sugar. We cook it for around 2 minutes constantly stirring. Next, we add white wine and leave on low heat for 15 minutes.

"cooking berries with wine"

"cooking berries with wine"

We should end up with a strawberry mousse.

"cooked berries with white wine"

Next, we whip the cream.


"whipped cream"

In a large bowl we grind the egg yolks with powdered sugar to a smooth mass.

"mixing eggs and powdered sugar"

"mixed eggs and powdered sugar"

Stirring constantly, we add the mascarpone cheese. In the end, we should get a smooth, white mass.

"mixing mascarpone cheese"

"mixing mascarpone cheese"

Then we add the whipped cream into the mascarpone cheese mass and stir it in gently.

"mixing mascarpone cheese with whipped cream"

We place the first sponge base on the cake stand. We soak it with the strawberry mousse.

"spreading the berries sos"

Then, we put the mascarpone and whipped cream mass on the top and we cover it with another cake sponge. We repeat it until we use all three sponge cake bases.

"layers of sponge base"

Finally, we carefully cover the whole cake with the remaining of the white paste.

"covering the cake with the white mascarpone and whipped cream mix"

To make the cake look beautiful, we garnish it with fresh raspberries. Bon appetit!

"Berry King cake"

"Berry King cake"

"Berry King cake"

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