Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans is a hallmark of the summer and autumn season this year. Who would thought that a baggy and scruffy jeans can actually be sexy!? I must admit I was skeptical at the beginning but after trying them on for the first time I felt in love straight away. Not only are they very comfortable (even if your bum size is above average) but they look cool and ridiculously sexy with the heels on (personal opinion – might be that men have a different opinion as they usually prefer TIGHT fit!).

I’ve bought boyfriend jeans from ZARA for a bargain price of 29 GBP. Below I also included some other boyfriend jeans I found at GAP and ASOS. Let me know if you come accross other brands that do boyfriend fit jeans.

"boyfriend jeans & heels"

"Boyfriend jeans logo"

"boyfriend jeans"

"boyfriend jeans ZARA"

"boyfriend jeans Zara"

pic by ZARA

"boyfriend jeans ASOS"

Pic by ASOS

"Sexy boyfriend jeans from GAP"

Pic by GAP