Buying the right Candelabra

I’ve been on a journey to buy the perfect candle holders or candelabra for a while now. Couple of months ago I bought two beautiful glass candle holders from ZARA Home and I was really disappointed with my purchase. On my first attempt to put a candle in I broke a part of the glass holder and made a hole through the whole thing! Same with the second piece. I guess those glass handle holders are not meant to hold candles?? (NOTE to Agata: never ever buy a glass candle holder).

ZARA Home is not all bad though, I do love the custom shaped candles they have on offer. I’ve got a Victoria Candle and it is so beautiful I don’t want to burn it!

"Victoria candle, zara"

On sale now at ZARA Home £4.99

I’ve decided to concentrate my search on candelabras and done some research on what it is on offer. Here are some of my favourites:

"glass candelabra"ZARA Home £19.99 WARNING GLASS!

"three arm candelabra"

ZARA Home £19.99

"three arm glass candelabra"


"ikea candelabra"

IKEA £26

"candle holder habitat"

Habitat £35

"candle holders"

Heals £22

"candelabra Heals"

Heals £325 (Holly Sh**!)

"candelabra Heals"

Heals £42.50

"candelabra modern"

Heals £45

"candelabra dwell"

Dwell £69

"yellow candelabra"

Dwell £89

"multiple candle holder"

Dwell £99


NEXT £25

"wedding candelabra"

WeddingMall £34.99

In the end I’ve decided to get two candelabras from Heals, put them together and made them look like a candelabra on steroids :), which I can play around a little to create different shapes: