Tops for Every Occasion

I like flexibility. Being flexible in your approach to life allows you to experience more, and take advantage of as many opportunities as possible. It enables you to get more out of life.

Oddly, it is an approach that even extends to my wardrobe. Like most people, I primarily buy on looks, but I am always thinking about versatility. Where possible I like to buy fashion that can be adapted and worn in many different ways. That is probably why I have so many going out tops in my wardrobe. I love them, because you can mix and match them with skirts, trousers, suits or jeans.

white top

This year there are plenty of excellent party tops available. Here is my roundup of some of the best.

Shoulder details

Some of my favourite examples are off the shoulder tops. You can easily wear them during the day with jeans, but they are dressy enough to be paired with a skirt, and a pair of heels, for the evening.

If off the shoulder tops are not for you opt for a cut out shoulder top instead. There are some lovely lace ones available. In black, they are quite classy, but not so glamorous that you could not get away with wearing one to a barbecue.

These are just two great examples of going out tops that are versatile enough to be worn in a number of different ways.

Body tops

I also like body tops. They are perfect for wearing on holiday or for a trip to the shop on a warm day. The fact that they are sleeveless makes them perfect if you want to get a tan. In the winter, you can easily repurpose them and wear them under a blouse or shirt to help you to stay warmer.

Long tops

There are also some nice long tops available. If you buy one that is long enough, these can easily double up as a short dress that can be worn, on the beach, over your swimming costume. Their versatility makes them ideal for taking on a holiday or weekend trip. Sleeveless tunics are also ideal for this. Tunic tops with sleeves also work well as mini dresses provided they are not too short.


One of the most versatile tops out there is the Kimono. Provided you buy one that is made from a reasonably heavy material, it can double as a light jacket for a chilly evening. Yet worn with a belt it can just as easily be used as a party blouse. If you do not like the cut of Kimonos, a lightweight shrug is probably a better option. They look just as nice, but are not quite as versatile because they cannot double up as a blouse.

As you can see, tops are great for those who like to get plenty of use out of their clothes. They are a versatile clothing option and are not expensive. Therefore, they are the perfect way to treat yourself to something new.

Meet CALIZIA t-shirts where cotton is the Queen

I like things that have a story to tell and things which quality is exceptional. For a really long time I haven’t had a chance to marvel at some product. But since yesterday I am a huge fan of a new Polish cotton clothing brand CALIZIA, which is a designer and producer of tees, blouses and tunics with an absolutely outstanding quality!

Calizia t-shirts

What is the secret of those seemingly ordinary everyday garment items? The world’s finest cotton – Supima®. Why is it the best? Because only less than 1% of the cotton fibers produced worldwide may be called Supima® and only few percent of cotton is named ELS (Extra Long Staple), whereas Supima® fibers are longer than the threshold 1 and 3/8 inches – most of them are 1.5 inches long. For comparison, Egyptian cotton, also known for its excellent quality, meets this criterion in 15-25%. Supima® is grown only in California and the southwest of the United States where the climate is dry, hot and humid. All of those make this material stand out among many others, with its lightness and softness combined with extreme resilience and durability.

cotton t-shirts

CALIZIA is a certified Supima® retailer which guarantees that all of their products are made of exactly this unique cotton. CALIZIA quote “Better cotton – better t-shirt. Quality matters.” Is very much true. I tested it by myself – it really does make a difference.

CALIZIA is known for its simple and classic forms. In its collection we find t-shirts, tank tops, blouses and tunics. Little, but how it’s done! Thanks to plain white color and high-end trim I use my t-shirt with a favorite pair of jeans as well as a pencil skirt when I go to work. What is very important, I didn’t pay enormous prices for this high quality, and the experience of use was completely new. I recommend CALIZIA products with a clear conscience.



How Frequently Should You Change Your Hairstyle?

ombre hairstyle

If you’re a fan of the alternative aesthetic, you’ll no doubt have noticed that the hairstyles in it are often very changeable indeed. One of the reasons ROCK PAMPER SCISSORS was founded is to help you explore all these options, but there’s one thing that you’re going to have to decide for yourself – how often should you change your hairstyle? To help you make a decision, we’ve broken it down into a few lists of things to consider.

Keeping The Same Style For Years

  • Encourages you to learn how to do new things with your hair – try new colours, explore new ways of styling it
  • Can start to seem a little boring, and might make you feel like your look has stagnated
  • Means that you can experiment with finding the cut that really does work best for you and stick with it – removing the risk of a disastrous cut
  • Doesn’t give you a lot of room for maneuver, and means that if something goes wrong with your hair you won’t be very well equipped to deal with it

Chopping And Changing Your Style A Lot

  • Gives you the chance to play with things and work out what you enjoy and what suits you
  • Puts you in pretty high danger of ending up with a bad cut, getting stuck for a while with a style you hate, or significantly damaging your hair
  • Means that you can have a huge amount of fun with the creative expression of your style through your hair
  • Is likely to cost quite a lot of money in cuts, dyes and treatments

The Bottom Line

…is that there are no right or wrong answers here. Whether you like to try something new every time you visit a hairdressing salon or you’d much rather stick to an old faithful style that you know you love, ROCK PAMPER SCISSORS in Leeds, exists to help you find the right salon for you. We specialise in matching people with salons, and no matter how alternative your style might be we’ll find you somewhere that will understand and embrace that.

Christmas Jumpers overload!

I’ve been trying to decide on which Christmas jumper to buy this year. I could not find what I like last year but this year round seems like there is loads of those festive jumpers on the markets. And this year I cannot decide which one to get! Here are some of the jumpers available online I really like! Help me decide!

Christmas jumpers from Primark

primark xmas jumpers


Christmas jumpers from

xmas jumper playcom


playcom xmas jumper


pink christmas jumper playcom




Christmas jumpers from

Boohoo christmas jumper

grey santa jumper boohoo_2

Christmas jumpers from ASOS

image1xl (2)

image1xl (5)

image1xl (4)

image1xl (6)

image1xl (1)

A first glimpse at Google Glass

Google Glass

Google has just realised more information on a new piece of technology they are working on – Google Glass. These glasses will have all the characteristics of a smartphone but their design as well as transparency of display are way more futuristic than an average smartphone. If you would like to own a pair of Google Glass you will have to sign up here and make a deposit of $1500.

So what will Google Glass do

Its display is transparent so you can just go around your day as usual but with some additional info popping out literally in front of you eyes!


It takes photos while you’re experiencing the moment…


It takes videos while you’re experiencing the moment…


It streams live videos…


It provides interesting facts…


It provides live information…


It gives you directions…


You can see how Google Glass meant to ‘feel’ in the video below. Looks like the coolest invention of Google after Google Earth to me!

Fashion Designer Eva Minge – Polish National Treasure

Do you remember the stunning dress Cheryl Cole wore at the Jubilee concert last year? I think everyone were talking about how good and classy Cheryl looked. I want to reveal the brilliant designer of this dress – Eva Minge.


Eva Minge is a Polish designer, who is known already across the world. You can see her shows at the Fashion Week Haute Couture in Paris or the Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show in New York. Her designs were ordered by a number of stars, including Rihanna. Eva is a brilliant international designer but unfortunately she has not been so popular in her home country Poland because she refuses to share the red carpet with the Polish wannabes and attend those ridiculous parties with photo opportunities. She is far too busy working on her international projects, including opening her first boutique outside Poland in Italy. I salute you Eva M. and I have no doubt you’ll be more successful each year.

Below you can see some of her latest designs. My personal favorites are her Spring/Summer collections so I will definitely cover her next 2013 pieces as soon as they’re out.

Eva Minge











Some examples of Eva Minge’s WINTER COLLECTION 2012

Eva 3

Eva Minge 1

Eva Minge 2

Eva 7

Eva 6

Eva 5


Christmas Party Dress shopping – ASOS promo codes!

I’m in a process of researching the perfect Christmas party dress. There are many options to choose from out there in the online world of shopping. If you decide to order your gown online, make sure to look for a promo codes online first. I happen to have two ASOS voucher codes for you! Not sure when they expire so don’t waste time and pick the perfect dress for you in advance.

ASOS promo code 10% off – HELP10 if doesn’t work try SUPER10

ASOS promo code 15% off – MIDSEASON15

ASOS promo code 20% off – WOW20



Halloween costumes for women

Here’s another post about Halloween costume, this time for the ladies. I could easily wear all of them! And I actually did wear one of them a few years ago, but for that you will have to wait for the next post…

Starting with film and comic characters Halloween costumes:

"Batgirl Sexy Super Hero Costume"

Batgirl – £40.49

"Vicious Vixen Costume"

Vicious Vixen – £42.99

"Sexy Princess Leia Halloween costume"

Sexy Princess Leia – $46.99

"Princess Leia Costume"

Conservative Princess Leia – £33.49

"Baywatch Costume Official Bodysuit"

Baywatch Lifeguard – £31.99

Other sexy Halloween numbers for ladies:

"Pirate-Wench-Adult halloween costume"

Pirate Wench – $39.99

"Vixen of Versailles Adult Costume for halloween"

Vixen of Versailles – $189.99

"Lady Ghots Halloween Costume"

Ghost Lady – $199.99

 And not so sexy geeky outfit :)

"Red Angry Birds Costume"

Red Angry Bird – £54.49

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