Geeky Halloween costume ideas for men

Let’s start with the usual film characters Halloween costumes:

Starting with probably this year’s favourite…Bane

"Bane Halloween costume"

Bane – $39.49

"The Joker Halloween Costume"

The Joker – £42.49 

"Robin Muscle Chest Super Hero Costume"

Robin Halloween costume – £36.99

"cheap halloween batman costume"

Cheap Batman Halloween costume – £29.49

"Collectors' Batman Costume"

More expensive Batman Halloween costume – £459.49

"Darth Vader Halloween costume"

Darth Vader Halloween costume – £39.99

"Star Wars Death Trooper Costume"

Star Wars Death Trooper Halloween costume – £69.99

"Jabba the Hutt Inflatable Star Wars Costume"

Jabba the Hutt Inflatable Star Wars costume – £64.49

"Star Wars Tauntaun Costume"

Star Wars Tauntaun costume – £64.99

"Official Hannibal Lecter Costume"

Hannibal Lecter – £32.99

"Jason halloween costume"

Jason Halloween costume – £73.49

And some other positions for this year’s Halloween parties:

"Bruno Lederhosen Costume"

Bruno costume – £29.99

"80s Official Street Fighter Ryu Costume"

Street Fighter Ryu costume – £35.49

"Optimus Prime Halloween costume"

Optimus Prime – £289.99

"Megatron Costume"

Megatron – £50.99

"Transformers Bumble Bee Halloween Costume"

Bumble Bee – £289.99


High-heel ankle boots for this season – are they comfortable though?

The answer to that title question is…unfortunately not always. They feel comfortable to have them on, however to work them is a totally different story. Especially where I live, in London, most women gave up wearing high heels in the tube. Wearing boots like that on the London pavements can cost you an ankle. So I’ve decided to stick to the flats on the way to work and change in those beauties in the office. If you had a car I guess that would be a different story, but for now I need to save those for more flat surfaces.

Antik High-heel ankle boot with buckle – ZARA 69.99 GBP

"Zara black boots"

"Zara black boots"

"Zara black boots"

And a dress that nicely goes with them:

Dress – Asos

Necklace – local jewelry shop

"lovely black and white dress"

"black and white dress"

"statement necklace"

Statement necklaces – back in the game

Here are some amazing necklaces in different shapes and colours. In next post I will present my personal collection.

"statement necklace"


Some of statement necklaces I like currently available in the stores:

"ZARA necklaces"

ZARA £29.99

"Dorothy Perkins necklace"

Dorothy Perskins £15

"J Crew necklace"

J Crew £139.65

"J Crew bubble necklaces"

J Crew £126.95

"ASOS marketplace necklace"

ASOS marketplace £25

"asos necklace"

ASOS marketplace £42

"Nordstrom necklace"

Nordstrom £16.28

"turquoise statement necklace"

Nordstrom £66.48

"New Look, statement necklace"

New Look £7.99

Some lovely statement necklaces I found on Pinterest (wish I knew where can I get them from!)

"statement blue necklace"

"statement gold necklace"

"statement red necklace"

"statement color necklace"

"statement necklace"

"statement necklace"

"statement necklace"

"statement necklace"


Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans is a hallmark of the summer and autumn season this year. Who would thought that a baggy and scruffy jeans can actually be sexy!? I must admit I was skeptical at the beginning but after trying them on for the first time I felt in love straight away. Not only are they very comfortable (even if your bum size is above average) but they look cool and ridiculously sexy with the heels on (personal opinion – might be that men have a different opinion as they usually prefer TIGHT fit!).

I’ve bought boyfriend jeans from ZARA for a bargain price of 29 GBP. Below I also included some other boyfriend jeans I found at GAP and ASOS. Let me know if you come accross other brands that do boyfriend fit jeans.

"boyfriend jeans & heels"

"Boyfriend jeans logo"

"boyfriend jeans"

"boyfriend jeans ZARA"

"boyfriend jeans Zara"

pic by ZARA

"boyfriend jeans ASOS"

Pic by ASOS

"Sexy boyfriend jeans from GAP"

Pic by GAP

For the love of leggings. Long live spandex!

Not sure when leggings were brought back to the mainstream fashion but they’ve been my favourites since I remember. I recall a photo when I was 7 wearing a spandex bright pink leggings (I will post the photo as soon as I visit my parents and scan it!).   My favourite brand until recently was American Apparel but I’ve become more adventurous recently and discovered quite a few websites and brands offering some cool and colourful leggings.  Lately, I’ve ordered some geeky tetris leggings by Aussie brand BlackMilk! I absolutely love them! I think the design and attention to details make the BlackMilk leggings stand out from the crowd. Judge yourself..

Retro Gamer Leggings

"Retro gamer leggings"

"BlackMilk leggings"

Other awesome pieces by Black Milk


"comic leggings"

 Photos source: BlackMilk


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