Trending jobs and what to study?

Everyone is asking themselves the same questions before going to the university. Which course to choose? We like x,y,z but will this allow us to pay bills and fulfill our dreams of having a sports car or going on long and exotic holiday each year? It is best to find out the job opportunities as well as potential salary before making the choice that could impact our entire career. Here are a few ideas that might help making up your mind.

lego jobs


Software Developer

These professionals are the brains behind your Candy Crush obsession and Android phone dependency. They might be applications developers, who design computer software, databases and games, or they could be systems-focused developers, who are responsible for building operating systems. Growth for both types of IT professionals should balloon in the years to come.

Web Developer

Web developers are responsible for the sleek fonts and clean layout you love on your favourite websites. It is considered to be one of the fastest-growing jobs this decade and is predicted employment should swell at a rate of about 20 percent by 2022.

Computer Systems Analyst

To excel in this job, you need to be both goal-focused and process-oriented. Computer systems analysts must understand computer hardware, software and networks and how they work together, so they can make recommendations to organizations for the best operations systems to use. 24.5 percent employment growth is predicted for this job by 2022.


Marketing Manager

Sending the right message about a product can take the item from a shelf-warmer to a must-have sensation rapidly. That’s what effective marketing managers do – highlight what’s fresh and relevant about a commodity to entice consumers

Events Manager

We are constantly attending parties, weddings, company events. This trend won’t change and people will always need to organise events on smaller or large scale. If you’d like to try a degree in events management you need to be organised and be able to communicate with people on all levels and most importantly you need to like late nights!



Were you the kid who always made straight A’s in math? A career full of audits, taxes and accounts receivable might await you. More than 166,000 new openings will be created in this field from now to 2022.

Financial Advisor

Who doesn’t need help digging through the red tape and legalese of investments, taxes and insurance? Very few, which is why 27 percent employment growth is anticipated for personal financial advisors over the next few years. This occupation ranks high thanks to low unemployment numbers and an above-average work-life balance.

History of gambling

Throughout history there has been some interesting milestones in gaming.The evolution is both exciting and fascinating. One of history’s most enigmatic general’s, Napoleon, loved the game of Blackjack, while fiction’s most commercial commodity, James Bond, has often been associated with Baccarat. It is informative and artistically appealing whilst it traces the important dates in the progression of one of mankind’s oldest , fun and at times very enriching past times.


Hustle free reading with Zinio

I’ve recently subscribed to a couple of magazines online via Zinio. I must admit I’m not a big fan of Kindle and reading from the electronic devices. Despite the fact I work in digital, I’ve always stayed faithful to an old-fashioned  book. I also had some magazine subscriptions in the past, and I received them in hard copy to my door, which was great at the beginning. However, since I have no space on my shelves to store all my magazines (I won’t throw them away because I love collecting books and press!!!), I’ve decided to go with the flow and embrace the digital age. I’ve subscribed to Vogue UK and Frame, which is a leading interior design publication. All you have to do is to log in to your Zinio account and you can access all the magazines you’ve subscribed to.

Starting with Vogue, I am sure all the fans of fashion magazines agree if I say that I never read anything when flicking through the pages I just look at the images!



Changing the pages of the issue is really easy with the straightforward navigation at the bottom of the page. I’ve done it on my PC but I’m sure tablet is even easier as you can do it with your finger tips.


What I was really impressed with was the quality of the images, and what I really liked is the fact that you didn’t have the dividing gap between the two pages, instead you could appreciate and enjoy the full ad image in a full screen.

I also enjoyed reading the Frame and I think Zinio software is particularly good for design magazines, where it is important to see the full high quality image.


By clicking the grid button on the navigation you’ll go to one place where you find all the pages of the issue. You can click on any of them if you wish to come back to some earlier content without flicking through all the pages on the way. Really cool option!




I must say I’m getting used to reading online through Zinio. I can see how I enhanced the experience of looking at the fashion and interior design with the high quality images of the pages of each issue that Zinio presents.

A first glimpse at Google Glass

Google Glass

Google has just realised more information on a new piece of technology they are working on – Google Glass. These glasses will have all the characteristics of a smartphone but their design as well as transparency of display are way more futuristic than an average smartphone. If you would like to own a pair of Google Glass you will have to sign up here and make a deposit of $1500.

So what will Google Glass do

Its display is transparent so you can just go around your day as usual but with some additional info popping out literally in front of you eyes!


It takes photos while you’re experiencing the moment…


It takes videos while you’re experiencing the moment…


It streams live videos…


It provides interesting facts…


It provides live information…


It gives you directions…


You can see how Google Glass meant to ‘feel’ in the video below. Looks like the coolest invention of Google after Google Earth to me!

Army of robots in the making


These days we can see how some inventions can really change the way we live. Some new technology such as drones change the way we conduct the wars. A number of organisations across the world work every day on improving the weaponry equipment. One of the agencies DARPA (The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is a part of the US Department of Defense responsible for the development of new technologies for use by the military. One of their latest inventions are robots designed to help the troops on the ground, including a mule robot that can carry heavy equipment as well as a robot resembling a human. Watch all 3 videos below.  I must admit that watching them made me think about consequences of this kind of technology. Can you imagine an army of Terminators fighting the wars instead of humans???!!!

DARPA robot army

Fastest robot

Robot navigating obstacles

Fun useless websites

1. OMFGDogs 

"dogs everywhere"

2. Singing He-Man (my favourite!)

"singing He-man"

3. Funny Worm (shake the worm with your mouse!)

"funny worm"

4. Create your own music

"different sounds buttons"

5. Uncover the image underneath the bubbles

"koala picture"


New Star Wars movies announced

I cannot constrain my excitement after finding out about the new three movies of Star Wars that has just been announced! The movies are scheduled to hit the big screen in 2015. The seventh movie is going to be called Episode 7 and the Episodes 8 and 9 will then follow.

The announcement was made by a movie giant Walt Disney as they are in the process of buying Lucasfilm for about £2.5 billion.

According to Disney, the new trilogy will carry the story of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia beyond the Return of the Jedi. Lucas, who will also serve as a creative consultant to the new movies, said: “For the past 35 years, one of my greatest pleasures has been to see Star Wars passed from one generation to the next. It’s now time for me to see Star Wars passed from one generation to the next”.

"Darth Vader mask"

This is me excited 

Exciting time ahead of us! The Internet has already been full of creatives on this matter.

"Diney Star Wars Death star"

"Disney star wars logo"

"Tatooine Mickey mouse sun"

"Han Solo and Andy Disney"

"Goerge Lucas and Disney characters"

"Goofey and Donald duck as Darth Vader Storm Trooper"

"Winnie the poh R2D2"

"new star wars and Disney toys"

A guide to the best comic conventions coming up in the UK in 2013

With 2012 soon drawing to a close, the number of comic conventions left on the calendar is also slowing down. Don’t worry however, as there are already plenty of events all over the country slowly filling 2013. These are a few of the events that have already been announced and what you can expect to see.

London Super Comic Convention – February 23-24

The 2012 event welcomed comic legend Stan Lee through its doors, co-creator of Spiderman and the X-Men, the Hulk and more. Will the 2013 event manage to attract someone of the same calibre? Among the line-up so far is Neal Adams, a man who has not only been instrumental in modernising characters such as Superman and Batman, but who has worked tirelessly for creator’s rights.

"London super comic convention logo"

Cardiff Comic and Animation Expo – March 2-3

A week later the comic convention spotlight moves from the English capital to the Welsh one. This expo is fairly new, and perhaps not big enough to attract as many of the biggest names in the comic industry, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of fun to be had. As the home of Doctor Who and Torchwood, the Cardiff Comic and Animation Expo is a particular favourite of Dalek and sci-fi lovers.

"Cardiff comic and animation expo"
Bristol Comics Expo – May 11-12

The Bristol Comics Expo has been busy signing many top artists in the industry to its event. Rob Williams, David Roach and David Hine, who have worked with leading companies such as Marvel Comics, DC Comics and 2000AD are all confirmed so far. Having run since 2004 (and before then under different names), the Bristol Comics Expo claims to be the country’s largest, so you can expect plenty to see and do.

"Bristol Comics Expo 2013"

Melksham Comic Convention – August 31

For such a small town, the Melksham Comic Convention has proved a big hit with locals and visitor alike. Whether you just want some signed merchandise or a chance to ask a question in open Q&As, the smaller price tag attached to this event makes it a steal.

"Melksham Comic Convention"
Why not stick around?

Each of these cities can offer much more than the comic conventions they’re hosting. You can go on a Dr. Who tour in Cardiff, visit the massive number of comic book stores in London or perhaps do something entirely different and take a day trip to Bath from Melksham. In fact, if you’re making a trip from out of town you can find plenty of hotels near each venue so you can enjoy the full weekend.

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