For the love of leggings. Long live spandex!

Not sure when leggings were brought back to the mainstream fashion but they’ve been my favourites since I remember. I recall a photo when I was 7 wearing a spandex bright pink leggings (I will post the photo as soon as I visit my parents and scan it!).   My favourite brand until recently was American Apparel but I’ve become more adventurous recently and discovered quite a few websites and brands offering some cool and colourful leggings.  Lately, I’ve ordered some geeky tetris leggings by Aussie brand BlackMilk! I absolutely love them! I think the design and attention to details make the BlackMilk leggings stand out from the crowd. Judge yourself..

Retro Gamer Leggings

"Retro gamer leggings"

"BlackMilk leggings"

Other awesome pieces by Black Milk


"comic leggings"

 Photos source: BlackMilk


So how does the Batman Dark Knight Rises finish? SPOILERS

I’ve been waiting for that movie since the Dark Knight and unforgettable Heath Ledger. I knew that Nolan and his team and specially his brother, who wrote the script, have a big shoes to fill in. I always had faith in Nolan even when he cast Ann Hathaway as a Cat Woman! Last Wednesday there was a European Premiere of Batman the Dark Knight Rises in London, at the famous Odeon cinema in Leicester Square. I work near by so I went to get the feel of the excitement. I was not disappointed with the buzz around the movie, the more committed fans were wearing Batman and Bane outfits and were waiting for the cast to sign their DVDs probably since early morning. I got a glimpse of all the main stars, including Tom Hardy, Morgan Freeman, Christopher Nolan and the Batman himself, Christian Bale accompanied by his wife Sibi.

"Batman The Dark Knight Rises European Premiere, London"

"Joseph Gordon-Levitt Batman The Dark Knight Rises European Premiere, London"

"Batman The Dark Knight Rises European Premiere, London"

"Tom Hardy Batman London Premiere"

"Ann Hathaway Batman London Premiere"

"Christopher Nolan Batman London Premiere"

"Christian Bale Batman London Premiere"

"Christian Bale Batman London Premiere"

"Christian Bale signing autographs Batman London Premiere"



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