Create a Beautiful Den in Your Roof Space

If you want a chill out area in your home, using your loft could make your dream come true. Most people only store junk up there, which is a real shame because there is so much more that you can do with that space.

play room

Below is a summary of the basic changes that you will have to make to turn your loft into a beautiful room. Once you have done these things, it is up to you what you do with that new space. You could turn it into a chill out space, a training room, an office, a media room, a playroom or somewhere to store all of your clothes. What you do is entirely up to you.

Additional insulation

In most homes, the roof space is quite draughty and cold, so you need to insulate it well to ensure that it is comfortable enough to use. Insulating the space immediately below the tiles, between the rafters, is essential.

If you do not do this properly, for most of the year, your loft will be too warm or too cold to use. Because the insulation you install between your rafters is held in place using plasterboard or similar materials you will have created the ceiling you need.

Create a floor

You can also install insulation in the space between your joists then board over that to create a floor. If you do this, the insulation will provide some sound insulation, and stop heat from the rest of your home transferring into the loft space.

When choosing the flooring you need to bear in mind your plans for your new room. If you want to turn it into a music or entertainment room you will have to make sure that there is enough soundproofing built in.

You may also need to reinforce the joists. For example, if you plan to use it as a gym some of that equipment will be heavy. In that case, your joists may need strengthening to keep everyone safe.

living room

Let some natural light in

It is important to light your loft space well. Doing so is the only way to turn it into a comfortable and usable room.

Introduce some natural light by having windows installed. Most roofing contractors in Cheadle and the rest of the UK will install dormer windows for you.

Bear in mind that building regulations require that every loft extension include a window. The window has to be set close to the floor, so that people can use it as an escape route, in case of a fire. It also has to be positioned somewhere that is accessible for the emergency services.

Making your loft space accessible

You also need to make sure that it is easy to get into and out of your roof space. These days that means installing a proper set of stairs. Building regulations require you to do this. However, in some circumstances you are allowed to install paddle stairs. These are usually cheaper and take up less space.

Converting your loft is fun. You can do the majority of the work yourself. Although planning the layout and installing the windows and stairs is best left to the professionals.