Geeky Halloween costume ideas for men

Let’s start with the usual film characters Halloween costumes:

Starting with probably this year’s favourite…Bane

"Bane Halloween costume"

Bane – $39.49

"The Joker Halloween Costume"

The Joker – £42.49 

"Robin Muscle Chest Super Hero Costume"

Robin Halloween costume – £36.99

"cheap halloween batman costume"

Cheap Batman Halloween costume – £29.49

"Collectors' Batman Costume"

More expensive Batman Halloween costume – £459.49

"Darth Vader Halloween costume"

Darth Vader Halloween costume – £39.99

"Star Wars Death Trooper Costume"

Star Wars Death Trooper Halloween costume – £69.99

"Jabba the Hutt Inflatable Star Wars Costume"

Jabba the Hutt Inflatable Star Wars costume – £64.49

"Star Wars Tauntaun Costume"

Star Wars Tauntaun costume – £64.99

"Official Hannibal Lecter Costume"

Hannibal Lecter – £32.99

"Jason halloween costume"

Jason Halloween costume – £73.49

And some other positions for this year’s Halloween parties:

"Bruno Lederhosen Costume"

Bruno costume – £29.99

"80s Official Street Fighter Ryu Costume"

Street Fighter Ryu costume – £35.49

"Optimus Prime Halloween costume"

Optimus Prime – £289.99

"Megatron Costume"

Megatron – £50.99

"Transformers Bumble Bee Halloween Costume"

Bumble Bee – £289.99