High-heel ankle boots for this season – are they comfortable though?

The answer to that title question is…unfortunately not always. They feel comfortable to have them on, however to work them is a totally different story. Especially where I live, in London, most women gave up wearing high heels in the tube. Wearing boots like that on the London pavements can cost you an ankle. So I’ve decided to stick to the flats on the way to work and change in those beauties in the office. If you had a car I guess that would be a different story, but for now I need to save those for more flat surfaces.

Antik High-heel ankle boot with buckle – ZARA 69.99 GBP

"Zara black boots"

"Zara black boots"

"Zara black boots"

And a dress that nicely goes with them:

Dress – Asos

Necklace – local jewelry shop

"lovely black and white dress"

"black and white dress"

"statement necklace"