How Frequently Should You Change Your Hairstyle?

ombre hairstyle

If you’re a fan of the alternative aesthetic, you’ll no doubt have noticed that the hairstyles in it are often very changeable indeed. One of the reasons ROCK PAMPER SCISSORS was founded is to help you explore all these options, but there’s one thing that you’re going to have to decide for yourself – how often should you change your hairstyle? To help you make a decision, we’ve broken it down into a few lists of things to consider.

Keeping The Same Style For Years

  • Encourages you to learn how to do new things with your hair – try new colours, explore new ways of styling it
  • Can start to seem a little boring, and might make you feel like your look has stagnated
  • Means that you can experiment with finding the cut that really does work best for you and stick with it – removing the risk of a disastrous cut
  • Doesn’t give you a lot of room for maneuver, and means that if something goes wrong with your hair you won’t be very well equipped to deal with it

Chopping And Changing Your Style A Lot

  • Gives you the chance to play with things and work out what you enjoy and what suits you
  • Puts you in pretty high danger of ending up with a bad cut, getting stuck for a while with a style you hate, or significantly damaging your hair
  • Means that you can have a huge amount of fun with the creative expression of your style through your hair
  • Is likely to cost quite a lot of money in cuts, dyes and treatments

The Bottom Line

…is that there are no right or wrong answers here. Whether you like to try something new every time you visit a hairdressing salon or you’d much rather stick to an old faithful style that you know you love, ROCK PAMPER SCISSORS in Leeds, exists to help you find the right salon for you. We specialise in matching people with salons, and no matter how alternative your style might be we’ll find you somewhere that will understand and embrace that.