Hustle free reading with Zinio

I’ve recently subscribed to a couple of magazines online via Zinio. I must admit I’m not a big fan of Kindle and reading from the electronic devices. Despite the fact I work in digital, I’ve always stayed faithful to an old-fashioned ¬†book. I also had some magazine subscriptions in the past, and I received them in hard copy to my door, which was great at the beginning. However, since I have no space on my shelves to store all my magazines (I won’t throw them away because I love collecting books and press!!!), I’ve decided to go with the flow and embrace the digital age. I’ve subscribed to Vogue UK and Frame, which is a leading interior design publication. All you have to do is to log in to your Zinio account and you can access all the magazines you’ve subscribed to.

Starting with Vogue, I am sure all the fans of fashion magazines agree if I say that I never read anything when flicking through the pages I just look at the images!



Changing the pages of the issue is really easy with the straightforward navigation at the bottom of the page. I’ve done it on my PC but I’m sure tablet is even easier as you can do it with your finger tips.


What I was really impressed with was the quality of the images, and what I really liked is the fact that you didn’t have the dividing gap between the two pages, instead you could appreciate and enjoy the full ad image in a full screen.

I also enjoyed reading the Frame and I think Zinio software is particularly good for design magazines, where it is important to see the full high quality image.


By clicking the grid button on the navigation you’ll go to one place where you find all the pages of the issue. You can click on any of them if you wish to come back to some earlier content without flicking through all the pages on the way. Really cool option!




I must say I’m getting used to reading online through Zinio. I can see how I enhanced the experience of looking at the fashion and interior design with the high quality images of the pages of each issue that Zinio presents.