Meet CALIZIA t-shirts where cotton is the Queen

I like things that have a story to tell and things which quality is exceptional. For a really long time I haven’t had a chance to marvel at some product. But since yesterday I am a huge fan of a new Polish cotton clothing brand CALIZIA, which is a designer and producer of tees, blouses and tunics with an absolutely outstanding quality!

Calizia t-shirts

What is the secret of those seemingly ordinary everyday garment items? The world’s finest cotton – Supima®. Why is it the best? Because only less than 1% of the cotton fibers produced worldwide may be called Supima® and only few percent of cotton is named ELS (Extra Long Staple), whereas Supima® fibers are longer than the threshold 1 and 3/8 inches – most of them are 1.5 inches long. For comparison, Egyptian cotton, also known for its excellent quality, meets this criterion in 15-25%. Supima® is grown only in California and the southwest of the United States where the climate is dry, hot and humid. All of those make this material stand out among many others, with its lightness and softness combined with extreme resilience and durability.

cotton t-shirts

CALIZIA is a certified Supima® retailer which guarantees that all of their products are made of exactly this unique cotton. CALIZIA quote “Better cotton – better t-shirt. Quality matters.” Is very much true. I tested it by myself – it really does make a difference.

CALIZIA is known for its simple and classic forms. In its collection we find t-shirts, tank tops, blouses and tunics. Little, but how it’s done! Thanks to plain white color and high-end trim I use my t-shirt with a favorite pair of jeans as well as a pencil skirt when I go to work. What is very important, I didn’t pay enormous prices for this high quality, and the experience of use was completely new. I recommend CALIZIA products with a clear conscience.