New Years Travel Resolutions 2013

Every year I put together a list of places I would like to visit during my holidays – definition: a few days of freedom from work we have each year. Work is a necessary inconvenience in order to enjoy every moment we don’t have to sit at our desks. Thus careful planning of each of those minutes is a good way to start a year. Here is a list of my holiday destinations for 2013.

1. Poland

I definitely will go home at least a couple of times. Make sure to visit all my family and friends but also explore some of the most beautiful part of Poland – the mountains in the South of the country. I’ve never been to the main tourist destination there called Zakopane. This is on my to-do list for this year and hoping to have some great time hiking through those picturesque mountains.

polish mountains zakopane

morskie oko polish mountains

2. USA

USA has been always my number one holiday destination. Quite frankly I could live there full time just for the sake of continuously exploring every bit of this vast and fascinating country. Last year I managed to go on a girls only road trip, covering the southern part of Florida. This year I would like to take on the Western coast of the United States. Starting in San Francisco and moving south to Los Angeles and San Diego and then move East Grand Canyon and finish it off with a weekend in Las Vegas.

Los Angeles beach

Grand Canyon

Two weeks should be enough to cover that route by car. I would love to see San Francisco’s landmark the imposing Golden Gate Bridge. Apparently San Francisco is the most European city in the US and is a magnet for many subcultures. Los Angeles has been always on my list due to its cinematographic history and the Warner Bros Studios and Universal Studios, which offer a great day of fun and excitement for a movie fanatics like myself. Then the Grand Canyon, I don’t think I have to get into detail with this one, you just have to see it. And finally Las Vegas, where you can spend all your last money on gambling and booze. But fortunately, there are other things to do in Vegas as well. Where else can you ride a gondola, visit the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building and see stars rubbing elbow with everyday people?! Easiest way to get there is to apply for US ESTA online.

Las Vegas lights

3. Italy

I’ve never been to Italy before but there a few places I definitely don’t want to miss on my first trip there. I’m planning to start up north and drive/walk/train my way through the south of the country. Starting a trip in Trentino, surrounded by stunning mountains sounds like a good plan. On the one hand Trentino offers the vast plains rich in rivers, streams and creeks ideal for water sports, on the other you have the mountains, the Dolomites, which turn red at the sunset. At the Alpine peaks you will find the eternal snow perfect for winter sports. Trentino sounds like a small paradise for those who love to spend free time actively and I’m definitely one of those people.

Trentino, Italy

The next stop of my dream Italian trip would be Venice. Perfect place for some full-on sightseeing and romantic time for two; I can already see us enjoying the foreground singing of the gondoliers at the sunset…such a cliché I know. Next stop on the list would be the beautiful region of Tuscany. I heard the best way to see Tuscany is by car, driving back roads, enjoying lavender and sunflower fields, sample local wines and visiting villages hidden among the greenery. Then, keep moving south to Rome, where a whole day of sightseeing will be rewarded with a tasty pizza and a bottle of red…ahhh heaven.

Venice, Italy

Tuscany, Italy

Since I will only have a week for this trip I will finish in Rome. The rest of the country, including the islands will have to be covered in the next years to come. I’m sure I will fall in love with Italy immediately.