New Years Travel Resolutions 2013

Every year I put together a list of places I would like to visit during my holidays – definition: a few days of freedom from work we have each year. Work is a necessary inconvenience in order to enjoy every moment we don’t have to sit at our desks. Thus careful planning of each of those minutes is a good way to start a year. Here is a list of my holiday destinations for 2013.

1. Poland

I definitely will go home at least a couple of times. Make sure to visit all my family and friends but also explore some of the most beautiful part of Poland – the mountains in the South of the country. I’ve never been to the main tourist destination there called Zakopane. This is on my to-do list for this year and hoping to have some great time hiking through those picturesque mountains.

polish mountains zakopane

morskie oko polish mountains

2. USA

USA has been always my number one holiday destination. Quite frankly I could live there full time just for the sake of continuously exploring every bit of this vast and fascinating country. Last year I managed to go on a girls only road trip, covering the southern part of Florida. This year I would like to take on the Western coast of the United States. Starting in San Francisco and moving south to Los Angeles and San Diego and then move East Grand Canyon and finish it off with a weekend in Las Vegas.

Los Angeles beach

Grand Canyon

Two weeks should be enough to cover that route by car. I would love to see San Francisco’s landmark the imposing Golden Gate Bridge. Apparently San Francisco is the most European city in the US and is a magnet for many subcultures. Los Angeles has been always on my list due to its cinematographic history and the Warner Bros Studios and Universal Studios, which offer a great day of fun and excitement for a movie fanatics like myself. Then the Grand Canyon, I don’t think I have to get into detail with this one, you just have to see it. And finally Las Vegas, where you can spend all your last money on gambling and booze. But fortunately, there are other things to do in Vegas as well. Where else can you ride a gondola, visit the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building and see stars rubbing elbow with everyday people?! Easiest way to get there is to apply for US ESTA online.

Las Vegas lights

3. Italy

I’ve never been to Italy before but there a few places I definitely don’t want to miss on my first trip there. I’m planning to start up north and drive/walk/train my way through the south of the country. Starting a trip in Trentino, surrounded by stunning mountains sounds like a good plan. On the one hand Trentino offers the vast plains rich in rivers, streams and creeks ideal for water sports, on the other you have the mountains, the Dolomites, which turn red at the sunset. At the Alpine peaks you will find the eternal snow perfect for winter sports. Trentino sounds like a small paradise for those who love to spend free time actively and I’m definitely one of those people.

Trentino, Italy

The next stop of my dream Italian trip would be Venice. Perfect place for some full-on sightseeing and romantic time for two; I can already see us enjoying the foreground singing of the gondoliers at the sunset…such a cliché I know. Next stop on the list would be the beautiful region of Tuscany. I heard the best way to see Tuscany is by car, driving back roads, enjoying lavender and sunflower fields, sample local wines and visiting villages hidden among the greenery. Then, keep moving south to Rome, where a whole day of sightseeing will be rewarded with a tasty pizza and a bottle of red…ahhh heaven.

Venice, Italy

Tuscany, Italy

Since I will only have a week for this trip I will finish in Rome. The rest of the country, including the islands will have to be covered in the next years to come. I’m sure I will fall in love with Italy immediately.



Fun useless websites

1. OMFGDogs 

"dogs everywhere"

2. Singing He-Man (my favourite!)

"singing He-man"

3. Funny Worm (shake the worm with your mouse!)

"funny worm"

4. Create your own music

"different sounds buttons"

5. Uncover the image underneath the bubbles

"koala picture"


Banana, walnut, chocolate chip muffins

"baked muffins with banana, walnut, and chocolate chip"

Here’s a very easy recipe I’ve got from my friend Patrycja for delicious banana, walnut and chocolate chip muffins. You can pretty much add to the them anything you like; I really love the combined taste of bananas, chocolate and walnuts. The muffins also taste lovely with some blueberries.

It probably took me not more than 20 minutes to prepare the ingredients and then another 20 min to wait for the muffins to bake. Easy and delicious! That’s how I like it!


250g of flour

1 cup of sugar

1 small bag of vanilla sugar

1.5 tsp of baking powder

1 small bottle of vanilla flavor

2 eggs

1 cup of milk

100g of butter

Additives (depending on what you like: banana, walnut, chocolate chips, blueberries, cranberries, cinnamon, etc.)


Mix eggs with milk and the vanilla flavor (can be mixed just with a fork). Melt butter, cool it down and add to the egg and milk mixture.

Then, mix all the dry ingredients together in a separate bowl.

Lastly combine wet and dry ingredients mixing everything together until smooth.

Prepare a muffin baking tray and put a spoon of the mixture to each of the holes. Then, add some of the lavish extras (I always stir in some banana mash and add walnuts and chocolate chips) and cover it with a next layer of the mixture. Then add some more the extras on the top.

Bake for not more than 20 minutes in a preheated over at about 190 degrees (depends on the over, I took out mine already after 17 min).

Depending on how much extras you’re going to add, the recipe allows for 15 muffins.


"muffin ingredients"

"muffins in the oven"

"baked muffins with banana, walnut, and chocolate chip"

New Star Wars movies announced

I cannot constrain my excitement after finding out about the new three movies of Star Wars that has just been announced! The movies are scheduled to hit the big screen in 2015. The seventh movie is going to be called Episode 7 and the Episodes 8 and 9 will then follow.

The announcement was made by a movie giant Walt Disney as they are in the process of buying Lucasfilm for about £2.5 billion.

According to Disney, the new trilogy will carry the story of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia beyond the Return of the Jedi. Lucas, who will also serve as a creative consultant to the new movies, said: “For the past 35 years, one of my greatest pleasures has been to see Star Wars passed from one generation to the next. It’s now time for me to see Star Wars passed from one generation to the next”.

"Darth Vader mask"

This is me excited 

Exciting time ahead of us! The Internet has already been full of creatives on this matter.

"Diney Star Wars Death star"

"Disney star wars logo"

"Tatooine Mickey mouse sun"

"Han Solo and Andy Disney"

"Goerge Lucas and Disney characters"

"Goofey and Donald duck as Darth Vader Storm Trooper"

"Winnie the poh R2D2"

"new star wars and Disney toys"

Christmas Party Dress shopping – ASOS promo codes!

I’m in a process of researching the perfect Christmas party dress. There are many options to choose from out there in the online world of shopping. If you decide to order your gown online, make sure to look for a promo codes online first. I happen to have two ASOS voucher codes for you! Not sure when they expire so don’t waste time and pick the perfect dress for you in advance.

ASOS promo code 10% off – HELP10 if doesn’t work try SUPER10

ASOS promo code 15% off – MIDSEASON15

ASOS promo code 20% off – WOW20



A guide to the best comic conventions coming up in the UK in 2013

With 2012 soon drawing to a close, the number of comic conventions left on the calendar is also slowing down. Don’t worry however, as there are already plenty of events all over the country slowly filling 2013. These are a few of the events that have already been announced and what you can expect to see.

London Super Comic Convention – February 23-24

The 2012 event welcomed comic legend Stan Lee through its doors, co-creator of Spiderman and the X-Men, the Hulk and more. Will the 2013 event manage to attract someone of the same calibre? Among the line-up so far is Neal Adams, a man who has not only been instrumental in modernising characters such as Superman and Batman, but who has worked tirelessly for creator’s rights.

"London super comic convention logo"

Cardiff Comic and Animation Expo – March 2-3

A week later the comic convention spotlight moves from the English capital to the Welsh one. This expo is fairly new, and perhaps not big enough to attract as many of the biggest names in the comic industry, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of fun to be had. As the home of Doctor Who and Torchwood, the Cardiff Comic and Animation Expo is a particular favourite of Dalek and sci-fi lovers.

"Cardiff comic and animation expo"
Bristol Comics Expo – May 11-12

The Bristol Comics Expo has been busy signing many top artists in the industry to its event. Rob Williams, David Roach and David Hine, who have worked with leading companies such as Marvel Comics, DC Comics and 2000AD are all confirmed so far. Having run since 2004 (and before then under different names), the Bristol Comics Expo claims to be the country’s largest, so you can expect plenty to see and do.

"Bristol Comics Expo 2013"

Melksham Comic Convention – August 31

For such a small town, the Melksham Comic Convention has proved a big hit with locals and visitor alike. Whether you just want some signed merchandise or a chance to ask a question in open Q&As, the smaller price tag attached to this event makes it a steal.

"Melksham Comic Convention"
Why not stick around?

Each of these cities can offer much more than the comic conventions they’re hosting. You can go on a Dr. Who tour in Cardiff, visit the massive number of comic book stores in London or perhaps do something entirely different and take a day trip to Bath from Melksham. In fact, if you’re making a trip from out of town you can find plenty of hotels near each venue so you can enjoy the full weekend.

Halloween costumes for women

Here’s another post about Halloween costume, this time for the ladies. I could easily wear all of them! And I actually did wear one of them a few years ago, but for that you will have to wait for the next post…

Starting with film and comic characters Halloween costumes:

"Batgirl Sexy Super Hero Costume"

Batgirl – £40.49

"Vicious Vixen Costume"

Vicious Vixen – £42.99

"Sexy Princess Leia Halloween costume"

Sexy Princess Leia – $46.99

"Princess Leia Costume"

Conservative Princess Leia – £33.49

"Baywatch Costume Official Bodysuit"

Baywatch Lifeguard – £31.99

Other sexy Halloween numbers for ladies:

"Pirate-Wench-Adult halloween costume"

Pirate Wench – $39.99

"Vixen of Versailles Adult Costume for halloween"

Vixen of Versailles – $189.99

"Lady Ghots Halloween Costume"

Ghost Lady – $199.99

 And not so sexy geeky outfit :)

"Red Angry Birds Costume"

Red Angry Bird – £54.49

Geeky Halloween costume ideas for men

Let’s start with the usual film characters Halloween costumes:

Starting with probably this year’s favourite…Bane

"Bane Halloween costume"

Bane – $39.49

"The Joker Halloween Costume"

The Joker – £42.49 

"Robin Muscle Chest Super Hero Costume"

Robin Halloween costume – £36.99

"cheap halloween batman costume"

Cheap Batman Halloween costume – £29.49

"Collectors' Batman Costume"

More expensive Batman Halloween costume – £459.49

"Darth Vader Halloween costume"

Darth Vader Halloween costume – £39.99

"Star Wars Death Trooper Costume"

Star Wars Death Trooper Halloween costume – £69.99

"Jabba the Hutt Inflatable Star Wars Costume"

Jabba the Hutt Inflatable Star Wars costume – £64.49

"Star Wars Tauntaun Costume"

Star Wars Tauntaun costume – £64.99

"Official Hannibal Lecter Costume"

Hannibal Lecter – £32.99

"Jason halloween costume"

Jason Halloween costume – £73.49

And some other positions for this year’s Halloween parties:

"Bruno Lederhosen Costume"

Bruno costume – £29.99

"80s Official Street Fighter Ryu Costume"

Street Fighter Ryu costume – £35.49

"Optimus Prime Halloween costume"

Optimus Prime – £289.99

"Megatron Costume"

Megatron – £50.99

"Transformers Bumble Bee Halloween Costume"

Bumble Bee – £289.99


Perfect Christmas gifts for geeks

Maybe it seems a little bit early to start thinking about Christmas but the retailers are already preparing for the big Christmas selling race and so should you! You’ll be better off and probably save some cash if you start thinking about the Christmas gift in advance. At the moment a number of brands have sales on so you’ll be saving if you head to the shops now. Also, some gifts need to be shipped from abroad and you don’t want to leave those for last minute because they might not get their on time. Some people are more specific about what presents they would like to get from Santa. I want to start with the first post about Christmas gifts devoted solely to the geek community that often is misunderstood by the loved ones and receive a pair of socks or a scarf instead a latest version of the Star Wars Lego set!

Here is a list of great Christmas gifts for geeks for 2012:

1. The Dark Knight Rises Blu-ray/DVD

Good DVD always a winner! The latest Batman has been confirmed to be released on 4th of December 2012, so just in time for Christmas. But I recommend you pre-order it just to make sure they won’t sell out. That will definitely be my gift to myself this year!

Amazon – price TBC but probably average Blu-ray/DVD price

"dark knight rises DVD, Blu-ray"

"The Dark Knight Rises DVD Mask"

2. Star Wars LEGO

This one is a real treat for any Star Wars fan regardless their age! Dear Santa please please please bring me this huge R2-D2 for Xmas!!!

LEGO online shop – £149.99

"Lego Star Wars R2D2"

"Lego Star Wars R2D2 Christmas gift"

3. Themed board game 

Who doesn’t love boardgames, especially with Star Wars or LOTR twist to them!? Boardgames are a perfect Christmas gift for a cold December evening and get the whole family involved.

"Star Wars Monopoly"

Star Wars Monopoly – Amazon – £49.99

"Lord of the Rings Monopoly"

Lord of the Rings Monopoly – Amazon – £56.99

4. Mugs

"I like tea mug" – £6.99

"R2D2 mug" – £16.99

I think I should get this one!:

"Geek is the new sexy mug"

Zazzle – £13.15

"Old school geeky mug"

Zazzle – £16.25

"Gamers make better lovers mug"

Zazzle – £13.50

A mug for a boyfriend:

"I love my dorky girlfriend mug"

Zazzle – £14.40

5. Star Wars themed stuff

I would be surprised if you find a geek, who is not a Star Wars fun so those Star Wars themed toys always bring joy.

R2-D2 Cookie Jar, – £19.99

"R2-D2 cookie jar"

Star Wars adult bath robe – – 49.99

"Star Wars adult bath robe"

Star Wars mints – – £6.99

"Star Wars mints"

Darth Vader baking tray – – £9.99

"Darth Vader baking tray"

Stormtrooper LEGO Alarm Clock – – £24.99

"Stormtrooper alarm clock"

Stormtrooper ice tray – – £9.99

"Stormtroopers Star Wars ice tray"

Han Solo in carbonite ice try – Firebox.xom – £9.99

"Han Solo in Carbonite Silicone ice tray"

R2-D2 iPad 2 case – – £24.99

"Ipad 2 Star Wars case"

6. Geeky t-shirts

Go to this URLs for a full set of ideas on Star Wars t -shirts

and Batman t-shirt

US Presidential Elections – 4 more years!

"Vote Obama car"

Yesterday was 6 weeks until the U.S. Presidential Elections, which will be held on 6th of November.  I thought I would do some reminiscing of 2008 Elections and this amazing day when Barack Obama was elected the first Black (actually half White half Black as he’s mother was White) 44th President of the United States. Both the election day and the Presidential Inauguration was an amazing experience and I was fortunate to be part of it.

In 2008-2009 I was studying at the George Washington University, a few blocks from the White House and I was able to be a part of the most exciting presidential election year in the history of America. On the election night I saw a lot of Americans crying from happiness and disbelief that they managed to see an African-American being elected a President. I hugged a 90 year old African-American woman, who did not believe it would happen in her lifetime and she couldn’t be more proud that day because she was fighting for this day to come herself, being involved in the Civil Rights Movement in the 60s. Regardless of the economic situation and if we agree with Obama’s policies or not, that cold day in November 2008 made quite a few people across the whole World believe in the U.S. and the American people. Let’s hope this year we will witness the same passion and devotion and we will be able to secure another 4 years for the best Presidential candidate America seen to date (besides Jimmy Carter).

The upcoming Presidential Debates:

October 3rd – Presidential Debate at the University of Denver, Colorado

October 11th – Vice-Presidential Debate at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky

October 16th – Presidential Debate at Hofstra University in Hampstead, New York

October 22nd – Presidential Debate at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida

4 years ago in Washington, D.C….

"Presidential election 2008"

"a women in the Oval Office"

"Winning state after state - Obama 2008"

"Obama got elected President"

"Ben's Chilli Bowl, Washington D.C."

"Ben's Chilli Bowl, Washington D.C."

The U.S. Presidential Inauguration 2009

"2009 Presidential Inauguration - Barack Obama"

So patriotic and I am not even American!

"difficult road to the Inauguration 2009, Washington DC"

Very vigorous and supportive crowd

"US Presidential Inauguration 2008, Barack Obama"

"US Presidential Inauguration 2008, Barack Obama"

"US Presidential Inauguration 2008, Barack Obama"

"The inauguration of Barack Obama - 2009 US Presidential Inauguration"

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