Perfect Christmas gifts for geeks

Maybe it seems a little bit early to start thinking about Christmas but the retailers are already preparing for the big Christmas selling race and so should you! You’ll be better off and probably save some cash if you start thinking about the Christmas gift in advance. At the moment a number of brands have sales on so you’ll be saving if you head to the shops now. Also, some gifts need to be shipped from abroad and you don’t want to leave those for last minute because they might not get their on time. Some people are more specific about what presents they would like to get from Santa. I want to start with the first post about Christmas gifts devoted solely to the geek community that often is misunderstood by the loved ones and receive a pair of socks or a scarf instead a latest version of the Star Wars Lego set!

Here is a list of great Christmas gifts for geeks for 2012:

1. The Dark Knight Rises Blu-ray/DVD

Good DVD always a winner! The latest Batman has been confirmed to be released on 4th of December 2012, so just in time for Christmas. But I recommend you pre-order it just to make sure they won’t sell out. That will definitely be my gift to myself this year!

Amazon – price TBC but probably average Blu-ray/DVD price

"dark knight rises DVD, Blu-ray"

"The Dark Knight Rises DVD Mask"

2. Star Wars LEGO

This one is a real treat for any Star Wars fan regardless their age! Dear Santa please please please bring me this huge R2-D2 for Xmas!!!

LEGO online shop – £149.99

"Lego Star Wars R2D2"

"Lego Star Wars R2D2 Christmas gift"

3. Themed board game 

Who doesn’t love boardgames, especially with Star Wars or LOTR twist to them!? Boardgames are a perfect Christmas gift for a cold December evening and get the whole family involved.

"Star Wars Monopoly"

Star Wars Monopoly – Amazon – £49.99

"Lord of the Rings Monopoly"

Lord of the Rings Monopoly – Amazon – £56.99

4. Mugs

"I like tea mug" – £6.99

"R2D2 mug" – £16.99

I think I should get this one!:

"Geek is the new sexy mug"

Zazzle – £13.15

"Old school geeky mug"

Zazzle – £16.25

"Gamers make better lovers mug"

Zazzle – £13.50

A mug for a boyfriend:

"I love my dorky girlfriend mug"

Zazzle – £14.40

5. Star Wars themed stuff

I would be surprised if you find a geek, who is not a Star Wars fun so those Star Wars themed toys always bring joy.

R2-D2 Cookie Jar, – £19.99

"R2-D2 cookie jar"

Star Wars adult bath robe – – 49.99

"Star Wars adult bath robe"

Star Wars mints – – £6.99

"Star Wars mints"

Darth Vader baking tray – – £9.99

"Darth Vader baking tray"

Stormtrooper LEGO Alarm Clock – – £24.99

"Stormtrooper alarm clock"

Stormtrooper ice tray – – £9.99

"Stormtroopers Star Wars ice tray"

Han Solo in carbonite ice try – Firebox.xom – £9.99

"Han Solo in Carbonite Silicone ice tray"

R2-D2 iPad 2 case – – £24.99

"Ipad 2 Star Wars case"

6. Geeky t-shirts

Go to this URLs for a full set of ideas on Star Wars t -shirts

and Batman t-shirt