Statement necklaces – back in the game

Here are some amazing necklaces in different shapes and colours. In next post I will present my personal collection.

"statement necklace"


Some of statement necklaces I like currently available in the stores:

"ZARA necklaces"

ZARA £29.99

"Dorothy Perkins necklace"

Dorothy Perskins £15

"J Crew necklace"

J Crew £139.65

"J Crew bubble necklaces"

J Crew £126.95

"ASOS marketplace necklace"

ASOS marketplace £25

"asos necklace"

ASOS marketplace £42

"Nordstrom necklace"

Nordstrom £16.28

"turquoise statement necklace"

Nordstrom £66.48

"New Look, statement necklace"

New Look £7.99

Some lovely statement necklaces I found on Pinterest (wish I knew where can I get them from!)

"statement blue necklace"

"statement gold necklace"

"statement red necklace"

"statement color necklace"

"statement necklace"

"statement necklace"

"statement necklace"

"statement necklace"