Top 3 Bookshops in Europe

I’ve always been and I always will be a fan of old school reading. Despite being fascinated with the new designs and technology and how it has been changing the way we live in the past few years, there is one thing I will always do the old way…read a book. Keep real books in business and leave the kindle at home this holiday!


1. The Bookàbar Bookshop, Rome

Attached to the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, this book shop symbolizes modern design at its finest in a store full of art books.  The minimalistic design and the shop itself is a work of art with spacious white walls and shelves, curved ceilings with modern lighting in three different rooms.

2. Shakespeare & Company, Paris

For those bookworms more impressed by the beauty of books than the architecture of the shop, then this bookstore in Paris requires a visit. It is a haven for literature lovers, containing an extensive selection of second-hand books and undiscovered literary treasures. The original shop even took in poor aspiring writers, giving them a bed and food as long as they read a book a day!

Shakespeare & Company. bookstore

3. Another Country, Berlin

This English language, second-hand bookshop is more of a library than a shop, offering twenty thousand books available to buy or borrow.  It gives customers freedom to experiment with new literature without paying an arm and leg! Should you choose to return a book after buying it you get a refund minus a 1, 50 Euro charge, genius! This bookshop holds regular events such as English film club, TV night and dinner night as well as hosting various concerts, readings and performances. It draws in readers from all corners of Berlin being an important social venue for different social circles to mix and share their literature love!

These bookshops are definitely worth a visit for all of those geeks out there visiting Europe. If you’re looking for a relaxing place to stay and enjoy getting stuck in to some of your new books, Go with Oh offer accommodation all over Europe  with many different apartment options to satisfy your preferences.