Travelling tips for women

travelling woman

It is not easy to be a woman, especially when single and travelling solo. It sometimes seems to be a bit of a taboo topic but the truth is there is far more things women should be wary off when they’re exploring different countries. I admire women such as Isabella Bird or Ida Laura Reyer Pfeiffer, who both travelled solo back in 19th century. Many women, driven by fascination and courage overcame the cultural and biological constrains, and traveled the world. In some parts of the world a woman traveling by herself would be portrayed as weird and can even become a target of verbal harassment from the male crowd. If you are one of those strong and independent women, make sure you follow a few rules of safety and prepare yourself for any possible situation.

woman in travel

Here are a few points you should think about before and during travelling:

  1. Think about how you are going to manage your cash while abroad. There are different types of current account you can choose from. You can for example set up a bank account in a particular currency, for example in American dollars, to avoid paying extra charges for paying by card in the USA. You can travel with cash but that’s more dangerous and you don’t want to spend your relaxing time stressing about money in a hotel room that you left in a sock. You might also want to look at the travel checks or prepaid cash cards. Check if your bank has easy to switch bank accounts in case you need to deal with some unexpected money matters while abroad.
  2. Make sure you study what local women are wearing before going to the country. In many cultures, women have to have their shoulders covered, cannot sunbathe. You might want to avoid drawing unwelcome attention to yourself in general.
  3. Plan your itinerary each day and make sure you know how to get from place A to place B so you avoid getting lost. Don’t travel alone at night, take taxi where possible.
  4. A good idea would also be a wearing a fake wedding ring if you’re single. As silly as it might sound but it can work as a man repeller!
  5. Making eye-contact or smiling can be interpreted as a sign of encouragement in some countries. Be polite, but reserved.
  6. Classic, stay sober and never leave a drink unattended.

Above all, enjoy your trip!