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The full set of 30 NBA City Edition jerseys of the NBA 2020-21 season (Part 3)

14. New Orleans Pelicans

Pelicans uniform uses the main colors of the New Orleans flag blue, red and white. The pattern on the chest of the jersey is a symbol of the royal family, of the prosperity and development of the team. A minimalistic version of the jersey but still traditional of the Pelicans.

15. Chicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls uniform design is arguably the most invested design on this list. The motifs on the uniform represent the architectural art of the city.

The unique font is said to have been inspired by the banner that guides the United Center Stadium, the team’s home ground. Chicago’s jersey City Edition is no minus by design flair. This super product is expected to be sold out during the sale.

16. Phoenix Suns

Black is back in Suns design. This design is characteristic of the famous desert valley of Nevada. This design called The Valley has put pixel motif on the chest, this is also the iconic image of Camelback mountain world, a famous place in Phoenix. Phoenix’s super product, The Valley, is highly appreciated.

17. Charlotte Hornets

Hornets opted for their mint green uniform color as a way to pay tribute to their city. This is the first mint production branch in America. The design also uses copper-yellow stripes to recall the first Gold Rush in America in the early 1800s. Hornets showcased jersey City Edition designs for 2020.

18. Philadelphia 76ers

Philadelphia has not used black as a City Edition uniform since 2008. It is known that football star Ben Simmons has collaborated with the design team to produce this product. The motifs in this version of the uniform are used in tribute to legendary Allen Iverson. Ben Simmons has both acted as a designer and model for the 76ers’ new jersey.

Philadelphia has not used black as a City Edition uniform since 2008

19. Orlando Magic

The magic team used orange as the main color to enhance the value of the typical orange of Orlando. The orange-white color tone is an innovative and unique idea. The orange color represents both the farming industry and the brilliant sunshine of the Orlando land.

 20. Golden State Warriors

The Warriors team recreates the team’s 1997-2010 golden reign through a uniform version titled Oakland Forever. This jersey is inspired by the Warriors of making the No. 1 seed, the Mavericks, in six games in 2007. The “Golden Bridge Team” also joined the “classic” team with the “Oakland” uniform design.

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The full set of 30 NBA City Edition jerseys of the NBA 2020-21 season (Part 2)

7. Dallas Mavericks

The new Mavs uniform was released on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of joining the NBA with the championship title a decade ago. This jersey is called Legacy Is Everything. White, gold, and copper are the three main colors of this uniform design. Dallas released a version of the royal style uniform to commemorate the 40th anniversary of joining the NBA.

8. Utah Jazz

Jazz went into night mode with this year’s City Edition uniform. This design is version 2.0 of last year. While still using the gradient color scheme with the main marriage tone, this year’s version will introduce black to create a more attractive and mysterious look. The impressive video explains the improvement between the two 2019 and 2020 City Edition uniforms of the Utah Jazz.

9. Boston Celtics

Celtics’ City Edition colors do not have many highlights. The team still uses the traditional green-white tone and aside from the team name, the shirt number, and the player’s name, there are no other patterns included in the design.

Celtics’ City Edition colors do not have many highlights

With a long-term traditional team like “Clover”, fans expects more in a brand design like this. The Celtics released the monotonous jersey for the 2020 season.

10. Detroit Pistons

The Pistons uniform shares the same thorny and classic style as the LA Clippers. Inspired by the city of large displacement cars, the team also incorporated the identity of the famous street in the city, Woodward Avenue. The Pistons Company Edition jersey has a pretty unique inspiration.

11. Denver Nuggets

Denver’s appearance this year has been quite impressive. The main brick red color combined with the hilly pattern is inspired by the Colorado landscape. Also, the design still retains the traditional character of the team when including the skyline pattern on the chest. The City Edition of the Denver Nuggets.

12. Oklahoma City Thunder

The team selected the launch date of the City Edition uniform color on the day of the state’s founding. This is also considered an act of gratitude to the city of the team. The pattern on the jersey is a symbol of the sunset in the city. OKC Thunder launches the City Edition jersey in 2020.

OKC Thunder launches the City Edition jersey in 2020

13. San Antonio Spurs

In the last three seasons, Spurs has been loyal to the youthful and trendy style in the City Edition uniform. But this year, the team has “changed style” to classic, thorny. This year’s jersey design is inspired by the team’s warm-up jersey used in the 1900s. Spurs break the style with a new jersey in 2020.

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The full set of 30 NBA City Edition jerseys of the NBA 2020-21 season (Part 1)

As NBA 2020-21 is drawing closer, teams also enter the transfer phase as well as build an image for the new season. In particular, changing uniforms has also captured the attention of many fans.

First introduced in 2016, the City Edition jersey has become a team’s tradition. Teams use this version of the jersey to show off the culture of their home cities, thereby building their brand.

Let’s take a look at 30 jersey City Edition models of the NBA 2020-21 season.

1. Houston Rockets

The Rockets uniform was inspired by the Houston Oilers rugby team. Besides, the jersey version also uses the main color of blue, the flag color of Houston. The team still retains the name of the city “H-Town” in front of its chest.

The Rockets uniform was inspired by the Houston Oilers rugby team

2. Miami Heat

Heat is drawing attention in the basketball community with its new uniform. Inspired by the bustling neon lights of the city, the team has used two shades of pink – blue to create trendy jersey ombre colors. Miami Heat does not disappoint the fans with this trendy NBA fashion design.

3. Indiana Pacers

Since joining the NBA in 1976, Pacers have reached the finals only once in 2000. That year, the team also wore a striped jersey. This year, the striped pattern is also back for the City Edition, combined with the logo on the waistband inspired by the city flag.

4. Los Angeles Clippers

The Clippers’ City Edition uniform this year hasn’t changed much from last year. The team still retains a simple but quality style. Using black as the main color and the highlight of the city name on the chest with a super cool classic font, the designer did not forget to put the team’s signature colors on the red and blue lines on the sleeve.

5. Milwaukee Bucks

The Milwaukee Bucks uniforms are perhaps the most disappointing jersey version ever. The team used blue as the main color to symbolize a city with many rivers, lakes… However, the design is too simple and somewhat outdated.

6. Memphis Grizzlies

Memphis uniforms with brocade motifs make a strong impression on fans

This Memphis version of the jersey is a tribute to the singer, musician Isaac Hayes and legendary record label Stax. Bronze and turquoise motifs are inspired by Issac Hayes’ 1972 Cadillac Eldorado. Hayes’ typography and Stax’s logo are also part of this design.

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Top 5 best uniform fashion designs in NBA history (Part 2)

As one walks through the hallway, he can see the array of images from the Bill Russell era to the Larry Bird period and, most recently, Kevin Garnetts. There seems to be an astounding homogeneity of uniform culture after the Boston Celtics’ decades of existence. One of the specialties of the most championship team in NBA history lies here.

3 color combinations, black, full white, and traditional Boston green. The design is simple but durable, maintained through decades of ups and downs of the team, an element that design experts highly appreciate.

2. Chicago Bulls (1985-1996)

The design of the Chicago Bulls jersey has many similarities with Portland, using three colors including black, white and red. But with the Bulls, the red tone took the most part.

The design of the Chicago Bulls jersey has many similarities with Portland

The enthusiasm and obsession of red have always had a strong appeal to the sight. Besides, the Bulls uniform design is highly appreciated in the word “Bulls”. It is created simply but effectively when combined with the shirt color.

In Bull’s uniform models to this day, very few cumbersome details have been discovered. Experimenting from the outset for color combinations has provided long-term stability in the design direction.

1. Los Angeles Lakers (1978–99)

The most impressive uniform designs can hardly escape the hands of the most traditional rich sports teams. In America, the iconic jerseys belong to the New York Yankees of baseball, the Dallas Cowboys of rugby, the Detroit Red Wings of hockey, and at basketball, there are the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Lakers are the most traditional rich team in NBA history. They were one time behind the Celtics but had 31 times to reach the final. Their cycle of success has also been maintained steadily with so many legendary players holding a major influence to this day.

Before 1978, the Lakers’ main color was yellow and white. It represented the strips of sunshine spread across the lake in the city of Minneapolis.

Since changing its name from the Minneapolis Lakers to the Los Angeles Lakers, the team leaders decided to make a change in both the logo and the uniform. White has been replaced by purple, creating the uniform with a more striking effect.

Yellow and purple are both neutral colors in the natural color palette. They are located at the absolute most contrasting angle. According to the law of color, two contrasting colors create a very strong, attractive impression. Not only that, but yellow purple is also the best contrasting combination.

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The Premier League coaches that have the best fashion taste? (Part 2)

Jurgen Klopp

Club: Liverpool

Sponsor: Nike

If you run out and run into the runway regularly and the coach’s seat, a tailor-made suit just doesn’t look right. Jurgen Klopp has defined what a jersey is like and has always looked like a true fan of the club he coached, which couldn’t be more perfect for Liverpool. However, sometimes we find him in suits, though quite rarely.

Mikel Arteta

Club: Arsenal

Sponsor: Adidas

Formerly Pep Guardiola’s assistant at Man City, Mikel Arteta is about to kick off his first season as Arsenal manager in the 2020-21 season. It is too early to tell what he has learned from Pep, but the smart casual style is clearly inherited from the Man City coach. Despite being a coach with a strong personality, Mikel Arteta always maintains an elegant fashion style, and always impresses in public.

Steve Bruce

Club: Newcastle United

Sponsor: Puma

In his second season with Newcastle, Steve Bruce will lead the team through the midst of the rankings last season. His fashion sense is also varied, from suits to synchronized sportswear, time will tell whether his varied style will lead Newcastle to success.

Graham Potter

Club: Brighton

In last season in the Premier League, Brighton & Hove Albion Club succeeded in relegation, finishing 17th under the guidance of coach Chris Hughton. However, the players’ style is still too weak in terms of both physical strength and style, so coach Chris Hughton had to leave for Coach Graham Potter. We’ll wait and see if this elegant looking coach will help his team play better.

Graham Potter

Some other well-dressed coaches in the world are as follows.

Diego Simeone

Club: Atletico Madrid

Sponsor: Nike

Have you ever seen Diego Simeon not wearing a black suit and tie? Probably never. He always uses suits and ties in his work. This is Simeone’s trademark style and it has been around for many years.

Joachim Low

Team: Germany

Sponsor: Adidas (Hugo Boss)

How can we ignore one of the gentlemen in football? Jogi Low is the person I want to talk about. From a hooded sweater to a knit suit, or simply a simple shirt, he always stood out.

It is no surprise that the German coaches (including Low) are referred to as “The Boyband” for their perfect coordination style. And you’ve got yourself a list of the best-dressed rulers this season. You will choose who is the most beautiful? Let us know your opinion!


Top 5 best uniform fashion designs in NBA history (Part 1)

There are NBA uniform designs that accompany the years that have never been outdated. Here are the best 5 NBA fashion designs from an expert perspective.

5. Portland Trail Blazers (all time)

Right from the original design, the logo to the uniforms of the Portland Trail Blazers is all very standard. The uniform of the Western team is a combination of three main colors: Black, red, and white.

In the natural color scheme, black is the extreme color, white is the colorless while a red represents the warm colors. In the design, it is rare to see any combination between black and white, white, and red, which does not make the impression on the eyes of the viewer.

Portland uniform design through all times

This blend of three colors brings a sense of security to every design variation. Therefore, Portland, at any stage, has always had some of the best uniforms in the NBA.

4. Denver Nuggets (1982-1993)

A good design is assessed mainly on two criteria including aesthetic color and brand identity. The US city of Denver has many mountains and horizons. People can easily witness seven-color rainbows appearing after the rain.

Until 1982, the mountain range logo designed on top of a rainbow-colored tone was the foundation for uniform designs until 1993. Since 1986, the elaborate designs help to stand out. two most notable details: the Rocky Mountains and 7 rainbow colors.

Contrary to the Portland uniform design mindset, the Denver Nuggets uniform design was not aimed at lasting safety but was dominated by creativity in the countless frameworks commonly seen at the time.

3. Boston Celtics (1960 to present)

By the time the first match in the 2010 NBA playoff round of the Boston Celtics took place, the championship aura two years ago still existed throughout the city. Images of the Boston Celtics championship throughout the seasons are displayed throughout the TD Garden gymnasium.

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The Premier League coaches that have the best fashion taste (Part 1)

With a huge investment budget for football, it is not unreasonable for coaches to spend money on the clothes they wear on the pitch.

The Premier League season 2020-21 is about to start, taking place at the end of September. All the top coaches in the world gathered here, competing with each other, not only on the pitch but also for fashion.

There are also three promoted teams this season, including Leeds, West Brom, and Fulham also participating in the contest who is best dressed. Below, arranged in no particular order, are the best-dressed leaders in the English Premier League according to experts.

Pep Guardiola

Club: Manchester City

Nationality: Spanish

Age: 49

Sponsor: Puma sports fashion brand

Josep Pep Guardiola is a typical gentleman fashion model regardless of which club he is directing. From Barcelona to Bayern, and now Man City, Pep’s specialty lies in the perfect combination of a suit, shirt, tie, and brown shoes.

In addition, Pep also owns his familiar casual style with a short-sleeved shirt with a tie or a checkered shirt with sports shoes, but still retains the smart look of an old military leader. training.

Jose Mourinho

Club: Tottenham

Nationality: Portuguese

Age: 57

Sponsor: Nike

Jose Mourinho is gearing up for his first season as Tottenham’s head coach for the 2020-21 season. Jose has always been a discerning person, often appearing in a suit on the steering bench, although it’s no stranger to Jose in a casual outfit with sportswear.

The Premier League coaches that have the best fashion taste

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Club: Manchester United

Nationality: Norwegian

Age: 47

Sponsor: Adidas

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer started as Manchester United’s head coach sometime in the middle of last season, a temporary position, then became official.

This will be the first season Solskjaer leads Man United at the beginning of the season, how will the killer boy with a childish face lead? Solskjaer’s fashion sense combines a suit and ties with an Adidas jacket, to cope with the rain in Manchester.

Frank Lampard

Club: Chelsea

Nationality: British

Age: 42

Sponsor: Nike

Chelsea boy Frank Lampard will have a big season with Chelsea this season. The team has great expectations for bringing in a lot of top players, so many people think they will become a contender for this year’s championship. The former Chelsea player has changed from the traditional Chelsea shirt style to his own, neatly tailored suits.

Sports fashion

The strong development of top sports fashion brands in the world (Part 2)

3. Champion

A sports fashion brand specializing in technical and functional was founded in 1919. And today, they have revived themselves as a street fashion brand.

Famous in the early 90s, Champion is one of the leading names in the creation of the Athleisure trend in recent years; and Champion has cleverly recreated his image ready to welcome the future. The “C” – one of the brand’s symbols, is coming back stronger than ever, and true to their name, “The Champion” never disappears.

4. Reebok

Used to be a blurred brand a few years ago, but now Reebok is one of the coolest names in street fashion.

Over the past decades, its research team has produced a range of signature sportswear. More than 20 years ago when sports fashion exploded, Reebok was the most prominent name in the mid-1980s. From its casual shoe line to trainers, pumps have become one of the most extreme trends. famously in the 90s, the company sold 20 million pairs of shoes worldwide.

Reebok is one of the coolest names in street fashion

The sporty fashion style that Reebok is currently pursuing is back to the 90s line of fashion. Surely Reebok is intending to recapture the throne that died a few years ago with designs that took them to the top of glory, and its recent collection of classical style is very popular. by young people.

5. Ellesse

Famous throughout Europe’s sports fashion stores for its unique brand logo and Ellesse is returning with a completely new, simpler, and meaningful logo. After a successful partnership with Boris Becker in 1985, the sports fashion brand gradually became more popular in the 90s with its sweatshirts line but are now loved by younger generations. vintage.

Its designs are not too different from the original, and today they have become very popular contemporary fashion trends. Besides, the company is working with ASOS to develop a line of street-style bags and jackets. It’s hard to miss Ellesse’s return, right?

Sports fashion

The strong development of top sports fashion brands in the world (Part 1)

As sports fashion is increasingly loved and respected, names like Fila, Reebok, Champion or Kappa are also slowly rediscovering their golden age.

The fashion industry is seeing the sports fashion industry return with astonishing influence. Besides famous brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, other high-end sports fashion brands have gradually regained their glory.


Born in Northern Italy, famous as a tennis sports fashion brand with the brand representative of the famous tennis player Bjorn Borg – also a loyal fan of the famous sports brand. This red blue striped white tone. In 1986, Reinhold Messner wore a specially designed climbing suit as he completed the journey to conquer Mount Everest.

The brand always tries to follow its ideal of design, vintage but never conventional. However, FILA’s street fashion trend was started by teenagers in the 80s. And now it has been actively promoted by the millennials themselves.

2. Kappa

Kappa – an Italian sports fashion brand known for its strong image of European fans for many years. At first, its main line of clothing was socks and underwear. But the brand enjoyed a lot of success until its Creative Director decided to let Vicky Pollard wear his outfit in the Little Britain series.

Kappa is a well-known Italian sports fashion brand

And this is considered the end of the Kappa era. But, this sports fashion brand is coming back and thriving recently after it decided to change its strategy by inviting influential stars like Lewis Hamilton and Lewis. Brooklyn Beckham and gradually regained his reputation in the street fashion village. Their new collection shows the beginnings of classic retro lines combined with influences from modern fashion trends.

From sweatshirts, tracksuit, casual t-shirts to their sporty gear that is more fashionable than sporty. So, instead of remembering a lost sports fashion brand Kappa, we should look at them with a new, more vibrant outfit and worth looking forward to a bright future coming back for this sports fashion brand.

Sports fashion models

The connection between super models and sports fashion brands

With the absolute advantage of a very standard body with a large number of followers on social networks, today super models are the face that sports fashion brands are always looking for and creating campaigns for big marketing.

Supermodel Kendall Jenner has just shared on Instagram that she has officially become the newest face of the Adidas sports fashion brand.

Not long ago, Bella Hadid also announced that she had just joined the Nike family. By using images of top fashion models like Bella or Kendall, sports brands are trying to build their position, image, and expand their influence in the fashion market.

Bella Hadid joined the Nike family

Kendall Jenner is not the first fashion supermodel to become the face of sports fashion brand Adidas. Not long ago, supermodel Karlie Kloss also continuously shared pictures of her promoting special products designed by Stella McCartney in conjunction with Adidas. Not to give up, Nike also quickly made Bella Hadid as the brand’s latest promotional face.

Karlie Kloss is a familiar face in Adidas by Stella McCartney designs

Sports brands’ entry into fashion is not new. However, the previous collaborative projects are only limited to combining with fashion designers.

Adidas is a pioneer brand with long-term cooperation projects with Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto, Stella McCartney, and Raf Simons. These special collections are the bridge, bringing the world of high-end sportswear closer to the sportswear market with a large consumer base.

Female gym equipment is no longer boring and merely serves the needs of exercise. Sports fashion brands have opened up many choices…

It can be easily seen that in addition to the “extreme” measurements and body, all supermodels like Kendall Jenner, Karlie Kloss, or Bella Hadid have a huge number of fans on social networks.

She then went on to post photos and other information about Nike events she would attend. Each post continues to receive more than 500,000 likes and thousands of comments.

Supermodels and sports fashion brands in the digital age

In the current digital age, when activities associated with influencers on social media have become an indispensable part of market activities, the numbers of likes and comments are weak. The key factor in determining the success of a brand or its promotional campaign.

This also explains why sports brands in recent years have not only collaborated with or used images of famous sports athletes to promote their products or brands. The strength of supermodels, but the new generation like Karlie, Kendall, or Bella is their influence on fans – potential consumers – through social media channels like Instagram or Twitter.