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Neymar signed a new sponsorship deal with sports fashion brand Puma

Neymar signed a contract with Puma to have a sports sponsorship contract worth more than both Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Neymar broke up with sponsor Nike to sign a new contract with Puma. The contract term has not been disclosed, but the value of the deal is huge.

The source of Forbes magazine revealed that Neymar will receive about 25 million euros/year. This is history’s most valuable sports sponsorship deal for a football player.

Neymar’s contract with Puma is worth twice as much as the old contract signed with Nike in 2011 at 12 million euros/year. This is also one of the main reasons why Neymar terminated his contract with Nike 2 years early to switch to advertising for Puma.

Sponsoring contract is a popular way for many football players to make money from sports fashion brands. Going to Puma helps Neymar surpass both Messi and Ronaldo to own the most valuable sports sponsorship contract. Currently, Messi is receiving 19 million euros/year from Adidas, and Ronaldo 16 million euros/year with Nike.

Neymar signed a contract to advertise for Puma

However, Messi and Ronaldo are still the best money-making players in the world in 2020 as revealed by Forbes magazine last week. Neymar is only third on this list with a total income of about 80 million euros.

Neymar signed a contract to advertise for Puma

Brazilian football star Neymar Jr has ended his 15-year relationship with Nike, announcing that he will switch to advertising representative for German sports brand Puma to build a logo of the main product line of Puma.

Among the best footballers still playing, there is no doubt that the name Neymar Jr is in. Since 2016, the Brazilian football star has become the main representative, with Cristiano Ronaldo appearing in almost every new line of new products launched by the American sports fashion brand, Nike.

However, recently confirmed on Twitter, Neymar announced that the contract period between him with the Swoosh logo has officially ended, and the Paris-Saint Germain member will join the Puma.

For those interested, the first products in the Neymar Jr. collection with Puma now available for pre-order on the brand’s website.

The loss of a representative of the caliber of Neymar is considered a step backward of the Nike brand communication team. From the position of being considered superior to his big rival Adidas with only Messi as a counterweight, now everything has been rearranged with a more balanced order such as Ronaldo-Nike, Messi-Adidas, Neymar-Puma.