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The full set of 30 NBA City Edition jerseys of the NBA 2020-21 season (Part 3)

14. New Orleans Pelicans

Pelicans uniform uses the main colors of the New Orleans flag blue, red and white. The pattern on the chest of the jersey is a symbol of the royal family, of the prosperity and development of the team. A minimalistic version of the jersey but still traditional of the Pelicans.

15. Chicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls uniform design is arguably the most invested design on this list. The motifs on the uniform represent the architectural art of the city.

The unique font is said to have been inspired by the banner that guides the United Center Stadium, the team’s home ground. Chicago’s jersey City Edition is no minus by design flair. This super product is expected to be sold out during the sale.

16. Phoenix Suns

Black is back in Suns design. This design is characteristic of the famous desert valley of Nevada. This design called The Valley has put pixel motif on the chest, this is also the iconic image of Camelback mountain world, a famous place in Phoenix. Phoenix’s super product, The Valley, is highly appreciated.

17. Charlotte Hornets

Hornets opted for their mint green uniform color as a way to pay tribute to their city. This is the first mint production branch in America. The design also uses copper-yellow stripes to recall the first Gold Rush in America in the early 1800s. Hornets showcased jersey City Edition designs for 2020.

18. Philadelphia 76ers

Philadelphia has not used black as a City Edition uniform since 2008. It is known that football star Ben Simmons has collaborated with the design team to produce this product. The motifs in this version of the uniform are used in tribute to legendary Allen Iverson. Ben Simmons has both acted as a designer and model for the 76ers’ new jersey.

Philadelphia has not used black as a City Edition uniform since 2008

19. Orlando Magic

The magic team used orange as the main color to enhance the value of the typical orange of Orlando. The orange-white color tone is an innovative and unique idea. The orange color represents both the farming industry and the brilliant sunshine of the Orlando land.

 20. Golden State Warriors

The Warriors team recreates the team’s 1997-2010 golden reign through a uniform version titled Oakland Forever. This jersey is inspired by the Warriors of making the No. 1 seed, the Mavericks, in six games in 2007. The “Golden Bridge Team” also joined the “classic” team with the “Oakland” uniform design.

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The full set of 30 NBA City Edition jerseys of the NBA 2020-21 season (Part 2)

7. Dallas Mavericks

The new Mavs uniform was released on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of joining the NBA with the championship title a decade ago. This jersey is called Legacy Is Everything. White, gold, and copper are the three main colors of this uniform design. Dallas released a version of the royal style uniform to commemorate the 40th anniversary of joining the NBA.

8. Utah Jazz

Jazz went into night mode with this year’s City Edition uniform. This design is version 2.0 of last year. While still using the gradient color scheme with the main marriage tone, this year’s version will introduce black to create a more attractive and mysterious look. The impressive video explains the improvement between the two 2019 and 2020 City Edition uniforms of the Utah Jazz.

9. Boston Celtics

Celtics’ City Edition colors do not have many highlights. The team still uses the traditional green-white tone and aside from the team name, the shirt number, and the player’s name, there are no other patterns included in the design.

Celtics’ City Edition colors do not have many highlights

With a long-term traditional team like “Clover”, fans expects more in a brand design like this. The Celtics released the monotonous jersey for the 2020 season.

10. Detroit Pistons

The Pistons uniform shares the same thorny and classic style as the LA Clippers. Inspired by the city of large displacement cars, the team also incorporated the identity of the famous street in the city, Woodward Avenue. The Pistons Company Edition jersey has a pretty unique inspiration.

11. Denver Nuggets

Denver’s appearance this year has been quite impressive. The main brick red color combined with the hilly pattern is inspired by the Colorado landscape. Also, the design still retains the traditional character of the team when including the skyline pattern on the chest. The City Edition of the Denver Nuggets.

12. Oklahoma City Thunder

The team selected the launch date of the City Edition uniform color on the day of the state’s founding. This is also considered an act of gratitude to the city of the team. The pattern on the jersey is a symbol of the sunset in the city. OKC Thunder launches the City Edition jersey in 2020.

OKC Thunder launches the City Edition jersey in 2020

13. San Antonio Spurs

In the last three seasons, Spurs has been loyal to the youthful and trendy style in the City Edition uniform. But this year, the team has “changed style” to classic, thorny. This year’s jersey design is inspired by the team’s warm-up jersey used in the 1900s. Spurs break the style with a new jersey in 2020.

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Top 5 best uniform fashion designs in NBA history (Part 2)

As one walks through the hallway, he can see the array of images from the Bill Russell era to the Larry Bird period and, most recently, Kevin Garnetts. There seems to be an astounding homogeneity of uniform culture after the Boston Celtics’ decades of existence. One of the specialties of the most championship team in NBA history lies here.

3 color combinations, black, full white, and traditional Boston green. The design is simple but durable, maintained through decades of ups and downs of the team, an element that design experts highly appreciate.

2. Chicago Bulls (1985-1996)

The design of the Chicago Bulls jersey has many similarities with Portland, using three colors including black, white and red. But with the Bulls, the red tone took the most part.

The design of the Chicago Bulls jersey has many similarities with Portland

The enthusiasm and obsession of red have always had a strong appeal to the sight. Besides, the Bulls uniform design is highly appreciated in the word “Bulls”. It is created simply but effectively when combined with the shirt color.

In Bull’s uniform models to this day, very few cumbersome details have been discovered. Experimenting from the outset for color combinations has provided long-term stability in the design direction.

1. Los Angeles Lakers (1978–99)

The most impressive uniform designs can hardly escape the hands of the most traditional rich sports teams. In America, the iconic jerseys belong to the New York Yankees of baseball, the Dallas Cowboys of rugby, the Detroit Red Wings of hockey, and at basketball, there are the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Lakers are the most traditional rich team in NBA history. They were one time behind the Celtics but had 31 times to reach the final. Their cycle of success has also been maintained steadily with so many legendary players holding a major influence to this day.

Before 1978, the Lakers’ main color was yellow and white. It represented the strips of sunshine spread across the lake in the city of Minneapolis.

Since changing its name from the Minneapolis Lakers to the Los Angeles Lakers, the team leaders decided to make a change in both the logo and the uniform. White has been replaced by purple, creating the uniform with a more striking effect.

Yellow and purple are both neutral colors in the natural color palette. They are located at the absolute most contrasting angle. According to the law of color, two contrasting colors create a very strong, attractive impression. Not only that, but yellow purple is also the best contrasting combination.


Top 5 best uniform fashion designs in NBA history (Part 1)

There are NBA uniform designs that accompany the years that have never been outdated. Here are the best 5 NBA fashion designs from an expert perspective.

5. Portland Trail Blazers (all time)

Right from the original design, the logo to the uniforms of the Portland Trail Blazers is all very standard. The uniform of the Western team is a combination of three main colors: Black, red, and white.

In the natural color scheme, black is the extreme color, white is the colorless while a red represents the warm colors. In the design, it is rare to see any combination between black and white, white, and red, which does not make the impression on the eyes of the viewer.

Portland uniform design through all times

This blend of three colors brings a sense of security to every design variation. Therefore, Portland, at any stage, has always had some of the best uniforms in the NBA.

4. Denver Nuggets (1982-1993)

A good design is assessed mainly on two criteria including aesthetic color and brand identity. The US city of Denver has many mountains and horizons. People can easily witness seven-color rainbows appearing after the rain.

Until 1982, the mountain range logo designed on top of a rainbow-colored tone was the foundation for uniform designs until 1993. Since 1986, the elaborate designs help to stand out. two most notable details: the Rocky Mountains and 7 rainbow colors.

Contrary to the Portland uniform design mindset, the Denver Nuggets uniform design was not aimed at lasting safety but was dominated by creativity in the countless frameworks commonly seen at the time.

3. Boston Celtics (1960 to present)

By the time the first match in the 2010 NBA playoff round of the Boston Celtics took place, the championship aura two years ago still existed throughout the city. Images of the Boston Celtics championship throughout the seasons are displayed throughout the TD Garden gymnasium.