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Michael Jordan as the most well-known ambassador for Nike

Referring to Nike, people will immediately remember basketball legend Michael Jordan.

In the 1970s, Nike was a big name in the sports shoe market focusing on developing running shoes. But by 1984, the market for saturated running shoes and Nike had to face a lot of difficulties from finance to competition from competitors.

At that time, Phil Knight, the founder of Nike, made a historic decision to select a player with the potential to become a big star to sign a sponsorship deal. He wants to create a sports idol with personality, fashion style associated with Nike.

At the same time, many young talents in this field are also sought by firms such as Converse or Adidas and Nike has chosen Michael Jordan – a young player not known by many major sports firms.

Michael Jordan is the representative face of Nike for Air Jordan shoes

Imagine how hard it was for Nike to get the nod from this player. It was this historic decision that opened a whole new page for Nike. Michael Jordan exploded in the 1984-1985 season and made Nike’s revenue soar. His custom-designed Nike shoes named the Air Jordan to burn out everywhere, even this red and black design have become a trend around the world.

Since then, Michael Jordan sublimated in his career as much as Nike’s sublimation so much. This was up to 1997 when Jordan won the 5th championship in his career. This marked Nike’s turnover reaching 9.19 billion USD.

The image of Michael Jordan has become a symbol for Air Jordan

To this day, Nike has completely dominated the basketball market with a 95% market share, taking full control from Converse. Even in 2003, Nike bought Converse for $ 305 million.

It can be said that Michael Jordan has created a global effect for this sports shoe brand. After becoming Nike’s brand ambassador, Michael helped the big man regain his throne after the crisis.