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The strong development of top sports fashion brands in the world (Part 1)

As sports fashion is increasingly loved and respected, names like Fila, Reebok, Champion or Kappa are also slowly rediscovering their golden age.

The fashion industry is seeing the sports fashion industry return with astonishing influence. Besides famous brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, other high-end sports fashion brands have gradually regained their glory.


Born in Northern Italy, famous as a tennis sports fashion brand with the brand representative of the famous tennis player Bjorn Borg – also a loyal fan of the famous sports brand. This red blue striped white tone. In 1986, Reinhold Messner wore a specially designed climbing suit as he completed the journey to conquer Mount Everest.

The brand always tries to follow its ideal of design, vintage but never conventional. However, FILA’s street fashion trend was started by teenagers in the 80s. And now it has been actively promoted by the millennials themselves.

2. Kappa

Kappa – an Italian sports fashion brand known for its strong image of European fans for many years. At first, its main line of clothing was socks and underwear. But the brand enjoyed a lot of success until its Creative Director decided to let Vicky Pollard wear his outfit in the Little Britain series.

Kappa is a well-known Italian sports fashion brand

And this is considered the end of the Kappa era. But, this sports fashion brand is coming back and thriving recently after it decided to change its strategy by inviting influential stars like Lewis Hamilton and Lewis. Brooklyn Beckham and gradually regained his reputation in the street fashion village. Their new collection shows the beginnings of classic retro lines combined with influences from modern fashion trends.

From sweatshirts, tracksuit, casual t-shirts to their sporty gear that is more fashionable than sporty. So, instead of remembering a lost sports fashion brand Kappa, we should look at them with a new, more vibrant outfit and worth looking forward to a bright future coming back for this sports fashion brand.


How do football players make money from sports fashion brands? (Part 2)

However, unlike Ronaldo, Messi does not invest too much in the brand to sell fashion and luxury goods … Instead, he buys a lot of real estate as well as investing in building buildings.

On social networks, Messi has about 89 million likes on Facebook and 83 million followers on Instagram. Forbes magazine estimates Messi’s total net worth is about 280 million USD and his income in 2016 is about 81.5 million USD, second only to Ronaldo.

David Beckham

However, talking about the brand advertising industry, it is impossible not to mention David Beckham even though the player retired from the field 5 years ago. Even, thanks to the advertising contract that Beckham has no less than the current famous football players.

In recent years, Beckham has built a monumental brand empire and appears on almost every product, from fashion, food, entertainment, television to luxury items like watches, car. Giving up on football gave him more time to focus on monetizing brands and advertising.

Beckham’s daily income is not less than the famous players today

According to Company House, Beckham earned about £ 32.5 million ($ 45.8 million) in 2017 dividends from his own company DB Ventures Limited, the figure for 2016 was £ 18 million. In addition, this handsome former player also earned £ 12.7 million from the use of his image rights in 2016, equivalent to an income of £ 35,000 / day.

Meanwhile, Chairman Richard Thompson of the brokerage firm M&C Saatchi Merlin estimates that Beckham can make up to £ 100 million ($ 133 million) per year from brand advertising contracts.

By making a lot of profits from the brand business and self-investment as above, Beckham has reached the top of the player making the most money, including salaries and advertising contracts or outside business today.

It can be said that the business of brand image with famous people, including football players, is completely normal and legitimate.

Although Beckham retired, but knowing how to promote and polish images, Beckham still has 54 million likes on Facebook, ranking in the top 5 athletes and former athletes of the world today. On Instagram, Beckham also has 42 million followers, ranking in the top 40 of the globe.

With huge revenues from advertising contracts, branding businesses and private startups, the media predicts the total value of Beckham’s assets around £ 300 million (US $ 450 million).

Sports fashion models

How do football players make money from sports fashion brands? (Part 1)

For sports athletes like football players, it is perfectly normal to earn a legitimate income from advertising contracts, brand representation or other business sources.

In the world, famous players have a significant source of income from brand advertising or business outside.

Cristiano Ronaldo

For the European Golden Ball Cristiano Ronaldo, his income comes mainly from player salaries with $ 58 million in 2017. However, revenue from advertising contracts with Nike, Tag Heuer, Abbott Laboratories … also up to 35 million USD.

With more than 200 million followers on social networks, Ronaldo can make easy money from advertising contracts as well as brand business. In addition, a series of products such as sports fashion, sports equipment, shampoos, hotels … also business by the name and brand of Ronaldo, thereby bringing huge profits every year.

For example, in 2009, Ronaldo signed a brand advertising contract with Castrol worth £ 8.2 million for 2 years. Upon expiry, he renewed for £ 5.5 million. That is not to mention a series of other brands such as Emirates, Konami …

With such popularity, the media predicts that the total value of his assets, including his brand, will be around 210-230 million USD. Meanwhile, Forbes magazine estimates this figure to be 320 million USD. In 2016, Forbes also ranked Ronaldo first in terms of income among athletes in the world with about $ 88 million.

Lionel Messi

Messi is one of the best players in La Liga and one of the talents of today’s world football. The player’s contract with the Barcelona team is said to be around £ 500,000 / week. Currently, this information has not been verified because they do not include taxes and other great bonuses. Even so, Forbes magazine estimates that Messi annually earns about $ 53.4 million in bonus salaries of all kinds.

Also like Ronaldo, Messi has a series of brand advertising contracts with major brands. Every year, he earns about $ 20 million from a contract with Adidas. In 2016, Forbes magazine estimated the total revenue from Messi brand advertising at about $ 28 million.