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The full set of 30 NBA City Edition jerseys of the NBA 2020-21 season (Part 2)

7. Dallas Mavericks

The new Mavs uniform was released on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of joining the NBA with the championship title a decade ago. This jersey is called Legacy Is Everything. White, gold, and copper are the three main colors of this uniform design. Dallas released a version of the royal style uniform to commemorate the 40th anniversary of joining the NBA.

8. Utah Jazz

Jazz went into night mode with this year’s City Edition uniform. This design is version 2.0 of last year. While still using the gradient color scheme with the main marriage tone, this year’s version will introduce black to create a more attractive and mysterious look. The impressive video explains the improvement between the two 2019 and 2020 City Edition uniforms of the Utah Jazz.

9. Boston Celtics

Celtics’ City Edition colors do not have many highlights. The team still uses the traditional green-white tone and aside from the team name, the shirt number, and the player’s name, there are no other patterns included in the design.

Celtics’ City Edition colors do not have many highlights

With a long-term traditional team like “Clover”, fans expects more in a brand design like this. The Celtics released the monotonous jersey for the 2020 season.

10. Detroit Pistons

The Pistons uniform shares the same thorny and classic style as the LA Clippers. Inspired by the city of large displacement cars, the team also incorporated the identity of the famous street in the city, Woodward Avenue. The Pistons Company Edition jersey has a pretty unique inspiration.

11. Denver Nuggets

Denver’s appearance this year has been quite impressive. The main brick red color combined with the hilly pattern is inspired by the Colorado landscape. Also, the design still retains the traditional character of the team when including the skyline pattern on the chest. The City Edition of the Denver Nuggets.

12. Oklahoma City Thunder

The team selected the launch date of the City Edition uniform color on the day of the state’s founding. This is also considered an act of gratitude to the city of the team. The pattern on the jersey is a symbol of the sunset in the city. OKC Thunder launches the City Edition jersey in 2020.

OKC Thunder launches the City Edition jersey in 2020

13. San Antonio Spurs

In the last three seasons, Spurs has been loyal to the youthful and trendy style in the City Edition uniform. But this year, the team has “changed style” to classic, thorny. This year’s jersey design is inspired by the team’s warm-up jersey used in the 1900s. Spurs break the style with a new jersey in 2020.