Top 5 best uniform fashion designs in NBA history (Part 1)

There are NBA uniform designs that accompany the years that have never been outdated. Here are the best 5 NBA fashion designs from an expert perspective.

5. Portland Trail Blazers (all time)

Right from the original design, the logo to the uniforms of the Portland Trail Blazers is all very standard. The uniform of the Western team is a combination of three main colors: Black, red, and white.

In the natural color scheme, black is the extreme color, white is the colorless while a red represents the warm colors. In the design, it is rare to see any combination between black and white, white, and red, which does not make the impression on the eyes of the viewer.

Portland uniform design through all times

This blend of three colors brings a sense of security to every design variation. Therefore, Portland, at any stage, has always had some of the best uniforms in the NBA.

4. Denver Nuggets (1982-1993)

A good design is assessed mainly on two criteria including aesthetic color and brand identity. The US city of Denver has many mountains and horizons. People can easily witness seven-color rainbows appearing after the rain.

Until 1982, the mountain range logo designed on top of a rainbow-colored tone was the foundation for uniform designs until 1993. Since 1986, the elaborate designs help to stand out. two most notable details: the Rocky Mountains and 7 rainbow colors.

Contrary to the Portland uniform design mindset, the Denver Nuggets uniform design was not aimed at lasting safety but was dominated by creativity in the countless frameworks commonly seen at the time.

3. Boston Celtics (1960 to present)

By the time the first match in the 2010 NBA playoff round of the Boston Celtics took place, the championship aura two years ago still existed throughout the city. Images of the Boston Celtics championship throughout the seasons are displayed throughout the TD Garden gymnasium.