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Top 5 best uniform fashion designs in NBA history (Part 2)

As one walks through the hallway, he can see the array of images from the Bill Russell era to the Larry Bird period and, most recently, Kevin Garnetts. There seems to be an astounding homogeneity of uniform culture after the Boston Celtics’ decades of existence. One of the specialties of the most championship team in NBA history lies here.

3 color combinations, black, full white, and traditional Boston green. The design is simple but durable, maintained through decades of ups and downs of the team, an element that design experts highly appreciate.

2. Chicago Bulls (1985-1996)

The design of the Chicago Bulls jersey has many similarities with Portland, using three colors including black, white and red. But with the Bulls, the red tone took the most part.

The design of the Chicago Bulls jersey has many similarities with Portland

The enthusiasm and obsession of red have always had a strong appeal to the sight. Besides, the Bulls uniform design is highly appreciated in the word “Bulls”. It is created simply but effectively when combined with the shirt color.

In Bull’s uniform models to this day, very few cumbersome details have been discovered. Experimenting from the outset for color combinations has provided long-term stability in the design direction.

1. Los Angeles Lakers (1978–99)

The most impressive uniform designs can hardly escape the hands of the most traditional rich sports teams. In America, the iconic jerseys belong to the New York Yankees of baseball, the Dallas Cowboys of rugby, the Detroit Red Wings of hockey, and at basketball, there are the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Lakers are the most traditional rich team in NBA history. They were one time behind the Celtics but had 31 times to reach the final. Their cycle of success has also been maintained steadily with so many legendary players holding a major influence to this day.

Before 1978, the Lakers’ main color was yellow and white. It represented the strips of sunshine spread across the lake in the city of Minneapolis.

Since changing its name from the Minneapolis Lakers to the Los Angeles Lakers, the team leaders decided to make a change in both the logo and the uniform. White has been replaced by purple, creating the uniform with a more striking effect.

Yellow and purple are both neutral colors in the natural color palette. They are located at the absolute most contrasting angle. According to the law of color, two contrasting colors create a very strong, attractive impression. Not only that, but yellow purple is also the best contrasting combination.